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Adding A Touch Of Personality To Your Home

Adding A Touch Of Personality To Your Home


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Adding A Touch Of Personality To Your Home

The Sprinkles of Style Team is back with a brand new interior post - sharing their tips on how to add a touch of personality to your home and creating your unique haven to relax in after a long work day. 🙂

One of the cool things about living in the modern world is that you're never, ever stuck for inspiration - especially when it comes to the way you want to decorate your home.

From sites like Pinterest (which we all love) to amazing home and lifestyle blogs - there's thousands of photos and articles to look through and take inspiration from however, a lot of people find themselves running into the same problems time and time again and it's the fact that no matter what they do - they can't get their own home to look the same way. 

The truth is, your home doesn't need to be exactly the same as what you see online - you need to tweak things and make them unique to you, your home and your style - all that's missing is a bit of personality and in this post, we're sharing some tips on how to add that to your home. 

If you're living in an older home then making everything modern whilst you've got an oak fireplace, beams & mantels could look odd and similarly, if you're living in a brand new home and add a rustic countryside style to it - it'll seem strange so you need to find the right balance for your home. 

Keep Things Simple 

Whilst it might be tempting to fill your home with as much as possible - more often than not, it's better to keep things simple, sleek and neat. If your home is filled with clutter then it won't be possible to allow your personality to shine through. 

Follow Layla's rule and add candles around the room along with a few carefully placed ornaments which will bring life and a luxe feel to the space.  



When you walk into someone's home, you want to feel like it's a place that's really been lived in and one of the ways which can make a house feel like a home instantly is by including yourself in the decor and accessories.

 put as much of yourself into the decor - what does that mean? Keep reading. 

Nowadays, many of us keep our pictures stored on our phones, not getting photos developed as we did in the good old days so it's worth taking the time to develop some of your most loved images whether it's from travelling, spending time with family and friends or simple moments which you've captured yet mean a lot to you. 

Create a feature wall with images you love - using magnolia and cream frames to suit all colour and style themes. 

If you don't want a feature wall in your home, it's not something which has to be totally obvious but letting your personality influence the way you decorate your home will make a huge difference. 

Get Creative

Simple doesn't mean boring - more often than not, simple is the key to making your house feel like a home as you have the ability to get creative with the items you purchase and the way you organise your accessories and decor features. 

Anything you read about home decor should be taken as a guideline rather than a rule because at the end of the day - your home and your decor is something which is unique to you so you need take things on board, gain inspiration and then get creative to make sure your home suits you and your needs. 

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Re-arrange the rooms in your home and try things which are totally different - there's no right or wrong so as long as you're happy and feeling creative, what's stopping you from getting really creative and transforming your home into beautiful haven. 


One of the most important things to remember is that your perspective on your own home is going to be different to other people's homes and that's the beauty of creativity. 

Do what you like and follow your instincts when it comes to choosing decor - if something makes you feel happy, go ahead and follow through with it. 

Your home is unique to you. 

The Sprinkles of Style Team 

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