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Friends Coming To Stay? It’s Time To Renovate The Guest Bedroom

Friends Coming To Stay? It’s Time To Renovate The Guest Bedroom


Friends Coming To Stay? It's Time To Renovate The Guest Bedroom!

The Sprinkles of Style team is back with another interior decor post - all about how to renovate the guest bedroom in time for any guests who may be visiting.


With the holiday season fast approaching - the last thing you want is any family or friend member having to sleep in a less than stylish guest bedroom when they visit.

In this post, we're sharing some of our tips on how to get the guest bedroom looking beautiful and ready for any guest - it's time to make this improvements and ensure that your guests are comfortable as possible.


Choosing The Right Type Of Bed 

You'll want to make sure that your guests feel as comfortable as possible when sleeping in the guest room but it doesn't have to be a double or king-size bed - you could opt for something a little bit different.

Sofa beds can create multi-purpose spare bedrooms - perfect for people who don't have a lot of space as this will also allow you to use the room as a sitting room or office when not being used as a guest bedroom.


Choosing The Right Type Of Flooring

If you have lovely wooden floors in your home, you shouldn't really cover them up with a carpet - instead, it makes sense to invest in some large rugs which will add a touch of luxury and warmth to the room.

Adding Some Home Comforts

You'll want people to feel relaxed and content when they spend time in your home so make sure you add lovely home comforts such as cushions, candles and unique furniture which will again add a luxe feel to the room.

You can also add a touch of colour to the room if you think it'll work well with the vibe and the feel you're trying to create.

Don't forget lovely luxurious curtains - often overlooked but one of the most important factors to making a room feel cosy and lovely.


Choosing The Right Lighting

Lighting is really important when it comes to creating a lovely ambient atmosphere in your home.

By choosing unique lighting shades and side lamps, when placed correctly around the room - it'll add another dimension to the room and also give it that high-end luxury feel.

See Also

If you want to create a calming / soothing room then opt for warm-white light bulbs which will set the tone beautifully.

Another thing we recommend checking out is a dimmer switch - often overlooked, they're great to have in every room in your home as you can alter the level of lighting in the room according to the mood and tone you want to set.

We all love reading your comments so let us know what you think!

Do you follow certain rules when re-decorating or updating a room and what's the main thing you look out for when setting a certain tone to a room?

The Sprinkles of Style Team


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