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Which One Is Right For Your Home? Hardwood V Carpet

Which One Is Right For Your Home? Hardwood V Carpet

The Sprinkles of Style team is back with a brand new interior decor post and this time - they're taking a looking at which is better for your home, Hardwood Flooring or Carpet?

Let's find out!


As you can tell, it's the Sprinkles of Style team and in this post, we're looking at two of the most popular flooring types and comparing them to see which is better for your home.

Hardwood flooring is now becoming more popular than ever and there's a reason for that - there's so many benefits, especially when it comes to cleaning but we're looking at all the details below.




If you're like Layla - you'll love the feeling of soft carpets and rugs around the home.

This is where carpets really come into their own as they're wonderfully soft and brilliant at insulating rooms and retaining the heat - especially with this winter!

The downside to carpets is that they can go to of style if you choose a bold pattern or colour and more people are now looking at decorating their home with wooden floors and decorations - meaning that rugs are a wonderful option as they're the perfect accessory to add to your home especially with wooden flooring.

Carpets can look beautiful all the time however they need to be maintained, looked after and professionally cleaned.


Hardwood Flooring

Ok, so Hardwood flooring may cost more when compared to carpeting your home however there isn't as much maintenance to go along with hardwood flooring and they can easily be repaired if need be.

One of the main reasons people choose hardwood flooring is because of how beautiful it looks when it's been installed - especially when it's good quality flooring.

Adding a super-luxe look and feel to your home - check out the Hardwood Floor Store who has a huge range available in a variety of colours, grain styles and even pattern.

Beautiful flooring can actually boost the value of your home so if you've saved up some money and are looking to renovate your home - it's a worthwhile investment.

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So, as you can see - carpet is ideal for those who don't have a lot of foot-traffic in their home however, if you're after a hard-wearing and long-lasting solution then hardwood flooring is the perfect option for you.

Not only does it looks great but you can also invest in some beautiful rugs to place around your home which will still add that cosy-carpet feel too.

Which do you prefer? Hardwood flooring or Carpet?

Let us know!

The Sprinkles of Style Team!


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