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Ways To Relax On Sunday

Ways To Relax On Sunday



Ways To Relax On Sunday – Ahhh, it’s Sunday! The end of the week but also the BEST day to give yourself some time out to relax and pamper your body but it’s also the dreaded ‘countdown’ to Monday too….. sad, I know!

Hopefully, I’ll be able to make all you gorgeous readers feel that little bit better with this post – some of my tips on “Ways To Relax On Sunday” – go on, treat yourself!

Ways To Relax On Sunday – Sleep IN

Yes, yes and – yes!

I think this will be a hit with all readers – who doesn’t love a snuggly sunday sleep-in!?

Allow yourself to sleep-in for an extra hour and if you can’t sleep – go and make yourself a coffee and go back to your bed to watch some morning tv!

If you don’t normally have a sleep-in or a relaxing morning you’ll feel a lot more rejuvenated and fresh!

Ways To Relax On Sunday – Stay Home

If you’re out all week at the office then this is another way to relax – cook a meal and invite your friends and family over to join you.

If you don’t want company – simply enjoy your own company and relax in your surroundings, you don’t need to go out! Sometimes staying at home and doing ‘nothing’ will help to ease those daily (pesky) stresses!

If you don’t want to do ‘nothing’ – re arrange your home, it’ll brighten your mood and boost the ‘positive vibes’ and energy.

Ways To Relax On Sunday – Pamper Yourself

Even though this might sound like a girly thing to do I think men can also pamper themselves – don’t laugh, I’m being serious! 🙂

Whilst girls can go completely overboard in one day – think cleansing, exfoliating, face/hair masks, eyebrow shaping, leg-shaving, bubble-baths… name it –  men can also take the time to ‘pamper’ themselves.

Even if it’s having a relaxing bath (with bath salts) to soothe muscles followed by applying a nourishing face & neck cream – that can actually be enough to make someone feel fresh, re-energised and ready for a whole new week.

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Ways To Relax On Sunday – Just Relax

Yes, all you need to do is relax – it’s the little things in life that count so make time for yourself!

In the end, if you don’t take care of yourself no one else will so plan around things and make sure you give yourself a break, enjoy your days off and do what you love!

Life really is too short to always be stressing so I always try and take advantage of days like Sunday’s to relax, rejuvenate and get myself ready for the week ahead.

Are Sundays your favourite day for relaxing?


P.SI love how I’ve written for everyone to stay in bed on Sunday yet I’ve scheduled this as an ‘early’ post – hahaha! 🙂 

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