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W7 Nail Bling – Golden Blaze

W7 Nail Bling – Golden Blaze

W7 Nail Bling

W7 Golden Blaze

W7 Nail Bling

W7 Nail Bling

W7 Nail Bling

W7 Nail Bling


W7 Nail Bling *

We all love our nail polish and I think it’s gotten to the point where your nails are part of your outfit like an ‘accessory’ you can keep things simple with nude colours or go all out and add different designs, glitter, you name it the list really is endless with nails!

As a lot of you know, I absolutely LOVE my nail polishes and I normally change the colour I’m wearing every 2-3 days.

(longer if I’m testing a nail polish for chips)

About the W7 Nail Bling

I was kindly sent some products from W7 and included was this W7 Nail Bling set!

I do think Nail Bling does make it sound slightly cheesy and I would have preferred it to be called nail glitter or nail sparkle…however I love that you can really give your nails a lovely look with this set.

What’s the W7 Nail Bling set?

It’s a a little kit to give your nails a gorgeous look and to add some sparkle to these miserable days facing us, I think this is perfect as a stocking filler or as a little treat to yourself in the run-up to xmas.

You get two lovely pots of glitter and a full-size w7 Nail polish!

What do you do with the W7 Nail Bling Set?

As you can see on the back of the pack you have all the instructions to complete the look and it’s super-easy!

I’ll be doing a little tutorial on this in the next few weeks! 

All you need to do is apply a coat of nail polish and let it dry, then apply another coat and dip your finger in the glitter and tap off any excess once it’s set (so you don’t smudge the polish) and that’s it!

I will be adding a top coat when I do it to give nails a smoother feel and look as glitter can catch on clothing!

What are my impressions so far?

I haven’t tried it yet but from what I can see on the packet it looks really simple and easy to create a wonderful look and I think it’s perfect for the run-up to christmas as we all love extra sparkle this time of year!

I also like how you get 2 different types of glitter and you can mix and match, do the ring finger trend or apply glitter to all your nails!

Can I buy this online?

Yes! As always you can find the links below!

See Also

W7 is currently developing it’s website but you can find this nail set on

Click HERE for the gold.

Click HERE for the red.

I have been told that they are both priced at £4.95 but on Xtras you can see they’re priced at £3.95 which I think is fantastic value for money when you can create different looks and you get a full-size nail polish in the kit too! 🙂

Perfect for Christmas 🙂

Remember in the next week or so I’ll be doing a mini-tutorial on how to apply the glitter and what looks you can create so make sure you check back!!

So let me know what you think of this you gorgeous readers!

Have you tried this?

What are your thoughts….love this type of kit to create new looks or do you prefer polish only?

Layla xx

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