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Things To Look Out For When Choosing A New Home

Things To Look Out For When Choosing A New Home


Things To Look Out For When Choosing A New Home

It can be an overwhelming and daunting process and many people don't know where to start however the Sprinkles of Style team is on hand to help and in this post, you'll be able to find some things to look out for when choosing a new home. 

Check The Property's History 

No matter how pretty a property looks on the outside, it's always worth checking out the history of the property - especially how many previous owners it's had (like a car) and how long each of them stayed in the property. 

Low pricing could be a sign of hidden issues and normally an agent will be able to tell you however - you can also use the National Archives to find out some information and even a quick google search should bring up some details for you to look through. 


Check The Energy Stats

An energy efficient home will save you money in utility bills.

Normally, they're provided however it's worth asking the agent or seller for the energy stats so you can get an idea of how insulated the property is.

Old homes can often be the least energy efficient and may require costly updates such as installing insulation, updating the central heating and replacing old water-guzzling bathroom fixtures.

With that being said, a lot of old home have been looked after and previous owners may have gone through the work but it's always worth checking things through for your own peace of mind. 

Hire A Surveyor

It can be worth hiring a surveying company such as Allcott Associates to save you from future costs.

Surveyors will check the condition of the building to ensure there isn't any major damage that may need repairing.

They also charge different rates depending on how thorough you want the property to be checked.

In some cases, the seller may have already gone through with a surveyor report so you should ask to see what was checked before going through with your own. 


Get To Know The Neighbourhood

The location is just as important as the property itself - it's worth taking a tour around the area and getting a feel for the local shops, services, schools and parks. 

There's plenty of websites like Check My Street which provides you with a variety of details in the area you're looking to move - including crime stats, internet speeds and local public transport links.  

Visit The Location (And Property) At Different Times

We're not talking 2 in the morning however you can arrange viewings of properties at key times in the day to look out for off-putting factors such as traffic. 

See Also

Even if you can't arrange another viewing at different times - go for a walk in the area to get a feel for what happens during the day.

By visiting at different times, it'll give you an insight into what the area is like. 


Choosing a new home might not be the easiest thing to do however with these tips - you'll have an idea of what to look out for when visiting new locations all to make your move that much better. 

The Sprinkles of Style Team 

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