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The Ugliest Shoes In The World?

The Ugliest Shoes In The World?


As much as I love fashion and people pushing the boundaries, some things just need to be left alone. In this post, I really think that I’ve come across the ugliest shoes in the world!

Scrolling through my twitter feed, the picture above initially caught my attention. To begin with, I thought it was a joke however the actually stated in their article that these are ‘the shoe of summer’. (Even now, I still think it’s a joke)

Reading through the feature, the website mentions that Ancuta Sarca (designer) has been “gaining attention” for her unique kitten heel designs. Upcycled from old running shoes, the designer brings sportswear and heels together. In particular – using Nike running shoes for the designs.

Now, as I mentioned above – I’m all for people pushing the boundaries and experimenting with fashion but there’s some things that just don’t work and I really think that this is one of them.

I’d love to know what you all think too!

Do you think that these are the ugliest shoes in the world?

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