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Gucci Christmas Advert – 90’s Retro… Or Is It?

Gucci Christmas Advert – 90’s Retro… Or Is It?


Gucci has revealed it’s Christmas Campaign for 2020 and whilst this should be reviving people’s Christmas party memories, it’s instead being seen as a huge fashion fail….

According to Gucci, this campaign is set in the 90’s “channeling the retro vibes of office parties from the past decades, portraying a cast of characters who are impatiently waiting for the end of the working day, aimlessly tapping on their keyboards and clock-watching.”

As you’ll be able to see in the photos, further below – the holiday lineup includes ready-to-wear pieces for those of us who are looking to add comfort and sparkle to our looks. (You can look glam at home too!)

Featuring wooly jumpers, metallic / sheen materials, logo-mania and a range of pastel and bold colours, this is a statement collection and not one for the faint-hearted.

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Whilst I do like the retro vibe in this Christmas campaign, this does feel like a nod to the 70’s, instead of the 90’s……


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