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Recipe: The Best and Easiest Mulled Wine Recipe

Recipe: The Best and Easiest Mulled Wine Recipe


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The Best and Easiest Mulled Wine Recipe!

Written By: Layla

This is one of the best and easiest mulled wine recipes! Over the years, I've tweaked things and I've finally settled on this recipe which I think you're all going to love!

Mulled Wine - The Ultimate Winter Drink

Mulled Wine - it's the go-to Christmas drink and for many, what's Christmas without mulled wine?

At Christmas markets, I think mulled wine can be very hit and miss - some are lovely and others...not so much however, when you make Mulled Wine at home it's completely different as you can make it to suit your taste.

Get creative and use different ingredients! As mentioned above, over the years I've tweaked and played around with the ingredients and now, I've found a recipe which I think is tasty and just how Mulled Wine should be - sweet, rich and just yummy!


The Best and Easiest Mulled Wine Recipe - Ingredients

1 Bottle of Sweet Red Wine

2 Cinnamon Sticks

4 Cloves

3-4 Star Anise

Half Vanilla Pod /  Vanilla Bean Paste

1 Spoon Brown Sugar

Orange Zest

Squeeze of Fresh Orange Juice

Optional - Mulled Wine Sachet

Optional - Half Glass of Water (So it's not as strong)

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Add the bottle of wine to a saucepan and throw in all the other ingredients. Let it simmer (not boil) for around 10-15 minutes. Serve.

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So there we have one of the easiest Mulled Wine recipes which tastes lovely!

As always, you can play around with the ingredients to make it suit your taste - this is the recipe which works for me but I like sweeter, richer tastes which is why you can also add a glass of water if you don't want your Mulled Wine to be as strong.

There's not much that you need to do - simply throw the ingredients in a saucepan and let it simmer away. Your home will smell lovely and Christmassy too!

I'd love to see what you all think - if you add other ingredients to your mulled wine or would like to share your recipe - feel free to comment below! 🙂

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