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Superdry Kabuki Brush

Superdry Kabuki Brush

Superdry Beauty Brush

Superdry Beauty Brush

Superdry Kabuki Brush

Superdry Kabuki Brush


As a lot of you know Superdry have sent me some wonderful products to try and review for my blog and in this post I will be talking about Superdry Kabuki Brush.

I LOVE kabuki brushes and I tend to use them, some have been great and others have been horrendous and you get left with them pesky little hairs on your face but not with this one!

Superdry Kabuki Brush is quite a bulky brush and comes packaged in a little rubber bag which is perfect to take away with you on holiday, pop in your beauty kit or handbag.

What makes this Kabuki Brush different?

From all the other brushes I’ve tried so far the best thing about Superdry Kabuki Brush is that the powder sits on top of the brush meaning it all goes on your face instead of losing half the product in the bristles of the brush.

How do you use a Kabuki Brush?

It’s really simple and when Kabuki brushes started getting more and more popular people seemed to be confused as to how to use it but if you follow these simple steps below, you’ll have gorgeous skin! 🙂

1. Tap the brush into your powder foundation.

2. Buff the foundation onto your skin by dabbing it on the skin or buffing it in circles, the more you blend the nicer the coverage.

3. Keep applying until you’re happy.

What foundation did I use?

I used my very own mineral foundation in colour medium tan (LaylaD Beauty)

Where can I buy this Kabuki Brush?

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You can purchase the Kabuki Brush from Superdry – Link opens in new window.

How much is the Kabuki Brush?

It’s reasonably priced at £14.00 – for the price the quality is very good! 🙂

Would you recommend this brush to family and friends?


If you’re looking for a Kabuki Brush that’s good quality for the price then this is definitely for you, it won’t leave you with little bristles on your face as do M.A.C Make-up brushes!

Please let me know if you’ve tried Superdry’s Kabuki brush and what you thought and let me know which Kabuki Brush you like!! 🙂

Layla xxx

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  • I’ve got this brush!!!! It’s lovely and soft and I really like some of the other super dry products too so ill be buying more!
    Hazel xxxx

    • Hi Hazel, thank you so much for your lovely comment! It’s so lovely and soft isn’t it…the way your makeup is applied is lovely too…my skin looks smooth and lovely! 🙂
      I have so many products from Superdry to feature online and I can’t wait to share everything with you so make sure you check back! 🙂 xx

    • Hi Brianna, Thank you for your comment! It’s a lovely brush yes!! Superdry is a really big brand here in the’s definitely worth checking them out! 🙂 xx

  • I like Kabuki brushes too and agree you don’t lose half the product like liquid foundation.
    I like Superdry too so this is something I’ll be looking at purchasing as my other Kabuki brush I gave to my friend.

    • Hi Aimee, Kabuki brushes are lovely yes and you don’t lose half the product, it’s sits on top of the brush nicely so you apply as much as you need and your skin looks wonderful too…just buff and blend! 🙂
      Make sure you try this brush…it’s really soft and lovely! xx

    • Hi Lianne, Kabuki brushes are wonderful and they make skin look so much better! Yes they have lots of beauty products and I’ll be featuring a lot more so please check back!! 🙂 xxx

  • I love Superdry but I didn’t know they had beauty products! I love Kabuki brushes so I’m definitely going to check this out

    • Hi Beth, Thank you for your comment! I love Superdry too and they have some gorgeous products!! I have many more reviews and swatches coming soon too! 🙂 xx

  • I love kabuki brushes and agree with you the makeup sits on top instead of going into the brush and losing half the product!

    • Yes! That’s the good thing with Kabuki brushes…they allow your makeup to go on much better and you don’t lose half the product in the actual brush like a liquid foundation! xx

    • Hello Stacey!

      Yes Superdry also have some gorgeous beauty products ranging from lipgloss, brushes, nail files, highlighters etc! It’s not only beautiful clothing xxx

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