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Kate Spade Jewellery – Summer 2013

Kate Spade Jewellery – Summer 2013

Kate Spade Statement Jewellery

Kate Spade Statement Necklace

Kate Spade Jewellery

 Kate Spade Jewellery is known for being bright, colourful and for it’s statement pieces and earlier this week I popped into a local store and was greeted by beautiful colours, handbags, phone cases and of course jewellery!

Along one wall was a long row of statement pieces, statement necklaces, bangles, earrings…you name it!

My eye always seems to go to the brightest pieces, the over-the-top pieces and the things which tend to stand out for me.

Walking round the store all I kept thinking was how to team different pieces together, it was just so fun and really lovely to look at all the pieces and think what outfit I could ‘dress up’

Especially during the summer, something seems to happen to me and many of my friends…we love colour even more – in the winter I’ll go a little darker but you’ll always see a pop of colour or statement necklace here and there!

What I love about jewellery and statement jewellery is how easily it can bring an outfit together, stylists turn to key pieces and pops of colour to bring an outfit together, on set and on shoots…it’s normal for stylists to have its and lots of accessories with them just like make-up artists have different bags for their makeup!

If you’re like me and you love your colour, your statement jewellery and accessories then I highly recommend you go and check out a Kate Spade store as you will NOT be disappointed!

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However some of you may be thinking that Kate Spade is on the slightly expensive side so I’ve thought about you too!

Pop into your local H&M store or Topshop and check out the gorgeous jewellery from them! In the sales I’ve spotted some beauties for £10 and under so if it’s not Kate Spade it can be Topshop or H&M…just as beautiful! 🙂

I want to hear from you so let me know what you think of the jewellery and the colours!

Layla xx

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