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Spa Break At Ragdale Hall

Spa Break At Ragdale Hall


Spa Break At Ragdale Hall

Written By: Layla

Location: Ragdale Hall Spa, United Kingdom

It's always a good idea to make time for yourself and step away from day-to-day life and in this post, you can see what Ragdale Hall has to offer - from short spa stays to longer spa breaks, there's something for everyone and in this article, we're covering everything you need to know... πŸ™‚

Hey everyone! I hope you're all well and having a lovely start to the week.

Today, it was bank holiday so I thought it would be good to sit down and write-up this post which I've been meaning to feature online for a while now...

If you're a follower of Sprinkles of Style, you'll know that I'm a person that recommends, every so often, making time for yourself and spending a few days away from your day-to-day life.

Whether it's staying at home and relaxing, going on holiday or booking yourself in for a spa-break.

My sister did just that - a little while ago, she visited Ragdale Hall Spa and below, you'll be able to see what it's like and what you can expect.

(It snowed when she was there hence the snow photos - haha!)


What To Expect

Ragdale Hall is the ultimate place to relax and get away from everything!

Upon arriving, you're greeted by the lovely staff and provided with a welcome drink whilst you register and go through all the relevant details and make yourself familiar with the facilities at Ragdale.

One thing to note - to make sure that the atmosphere is calm and relaxing, Ragdale asks people to not take calls in public areas - people visit to relax and this is one of the ways to completely get away from everything to allow yourself to de-stress and relax.

Photos can be taken quietly.

Music can be listened to through headphones.


There's a variety of rooms to suit everyones needs at Ragdale and below you can see brief overviews.

Suites - There are 3 suites at Ragdale for ultimate luxury.

Superior Plus - Superior Plus rooms are larger and more luxuriously furnished with either a garden or countryside view. (Pictured on the right)

Superior - Similar to the superior plus rooms but decorated in a different manner. (Pictured on the right)

Standard Plus - Slightly smaller than the superior room with restricted views.

See Also

Standard - Larger than economy rooms with different decor and with restricted / no view.

Economy - The smallest of rooms available but all nicely decorated and rather cosy.

There's also a few other options such as triple rooms and lodges for larger groups or families.



At Ragdale Hall, there's something for everyone - no matter if you're visiting for a spa-day or a full spa-break, you'll find something to suit you and your relaxation mode.

Online, you'll be able to see all the current treatments which are available along with package deals.


You know that I can't wait to read all your comments so let me know what you think below.

Do you want to see more spa breaks like this featured online?

Have a lovely week and look forward to reading all your lovely comments!

x x

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