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Shay and Blue – London Perfumery – Christmas Gifts 2013

Shay and Blue – London Perfumery – Christmas Gifts 2013

Shay & Blue - Large Fragrance with Candle

Portable Fragrances and Single Large Fragrance

Single Large Fragrance


A couple of weeks ago Sprinkles of Style were invited to a wonderful press events hosted by Monty PR with a gathering of wonderful brands…some we had heard of, some we hadn’t but that’s what we love!

We love finding out about new brands and raising awareness about them!

Shay & Blue London is a boutique perfumery and what we were told is that Shay & Blue take classical scents and blend together wonderful scents for a new twist on a classical scent.

We were allowed to have a little smell of some of the samples available and there was one or two which were really nice, really fresh and what we were told to be long-lasting!

Perfume is very hit and miss…sometimes you can love a perfume and it’ll smell beautiful but after an hour of wearing it you can’t smell it anymore and that’s a massive let down.

First Picture

– Large Fragrance With Candle – £90

Second Picture

-Duet of Portable Fragrances – 30ml – £60

Third Picture

See Also

– Single Large Fragrance – £55

Yes some of you will think it’s on the pricey side but when you consider just how many perfumes are over-priced it’s worth spending the money on a new brand.

Sometimes new brand actually bring out products which are better than the ‘normal’ brands and if what I smelt at the PR event is anything to go by then I highly recommend checking out this wonderful brand.

I was looking through their website yesterday and saw some beautiful scents which had been described in such a way that the perfume actually sounded delicious, yes the scents contain a blend of ingredients some of which I want to eat on holiday!

Make sure you visit their website: (link opens in new window) and please let me know what you think!

Have you tried a perfume? Have you heard of the brand?

Sprinkles of Style xxx

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