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Jewellery Sewing Box – Decor for home

Jewellery Sewing Box – Decor for home

Jewellery Box

Sewing Box

I enjoy browsing through different stores and always think that I can find something unique in TK Maxx especially decor for home and little accessories which can really update a room.

I tend to go to my local TK Maxx and have a little browse and looking through the home decor I came across this lovely sewing box and/or jewellery case!

Now I personally would use this as a jewellery box but the design may sad you to using it as a sewing box or fashion designers may use this to keep their tools and bits and pieces inside.

It’s so much nicer in real life and the colours are so delicate but compliment each other in a way which made me want to take this home right away and for ONLY £12 you really couldn’t go wrong BUT I walked out of the store without it……..

Why…..I have NO idea 🙁

I love the colours and I love the first shelf which acts as a separator so for me I would have my rings and earring in there and then my stacked jewellery and bangles in the section under the shelf.

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Looking at the pictures again I may have to go back and purchase this as it’s such a beauty….the gold writing was actually shiny and in the light it was just so beautiful!

This would actually look lovely in a cream living room under a table or on a can instantly add accessories to your home and update the decor!

Without the need for painting just a few pieces and accessories here and there really can help to update any room – our home decor tips!

Sprinkles of Style xxx

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