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Shay and Blue Blood Oranges Perfume

Shay and Blue Blood Oranges Perfume

Shay and Blue Blood Oranges Perfume

Shay and Blue Blood Oranges Perfume

Shay and Blue Blood Oranges Perfume

Shay and Blue Blood Oranges Perfume

Shay and Blue Blood Oranges Perfume


About a month or so ago I attended the MontyPR event where they were showcasing some of the wonderful products we should be expecting around Christmas time and whilst I was there I started talking with the wonderful people from Shay and Blue and I found out that they are a perfume company who take signature scents and add their own twist to it.

After the event I was contacted by them and asked if I would like a sample of their perfume and jumped at the chance as I love writing about newer brands so I’ll be sharing my first review about the Shay and Blue Blood Oranges Perfume.

What do I love about Shay and Blue?

I absolutely love the packaging of their products, it’s so luxurious and got delivered in a wonderfully big gift bag with their logo on the front and my address on the back….it felt really nice having something so wonderful sent to me…I was only expecting a sample!

What did I receive?

I received the Shay and Blue Blood Oranges Perfume which I’ll be talking about in this review and the Shay and Blue Amber Rose Perfume which will be coming soon. 🙂

What does the Shay and Blue Blood Oranges Perfume smell like?

It’s one of the freshest smells EVER! So fresh that it’s like I cut an orange in half and smelt it…it’s a true citrus/orange smell but by it’s description I thought it would be a sweeter orange smell.

How long do Shay and Blue perfumes last?

They last all day! I spritzed this on my wrists and neck and it lasted all day, it did fade but in the evening when I got home I could still smell a little bit of orange.

Do I like the Shay and Blue Blood Orange Perfume?

I prefer my sweeter smells however during the summer I liked wearing this as it was fresh, uplifting and zesty but generally I prefer my sweeter smells and LOVE the Amber Rose which I’ll be writing about soon! 🙂

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How much is this perfume?

This perfume is priced at £30 and you get 30ml but you only need 1-2 sprays maximum so it’ll last you a very, very long time!

Can I purchase them online?


Click BLOOD ORANGES to go straight to the product page or click SHAY AND BLUE to go to their homepage and look through more items! 🙂

Would I recommend the perfumes to friends, family and readers?

YES!!!! I think these will make PERFECT presents and have a few in mind as gifts! I cannot thank Shay and Blue enough for giving me the chance to see how long these perfumes last….I’m really impressed and although this might not be my favourite out of the two perfumes I still really like wearing it!

Let me know if you’ve tried any of the perfumes and/or candles and what your thoughts are!!

Layla xx

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