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Shake Up Your Skin For Spring In 10 Simple Steps

Shake Up Your Skin For Spring In 10 Simple Steps


Shake Up Your Skin For Spring In 10 Simple Steps

Written By: The Sprinkles of Style Team

Location: London

Join the Sprinkles of Style team who are sharing their tips and tricks on how to 'up' your skin for spring with 10 simple steps!

At this time of year, it's safe to say that for many people - your skin is going to be in need of a complete overhaul. There's nothing like warmer and fresher days to make you want to shake off those winter blues - especially for your beauty products. 

You'll often find that you don't need to be using the same luxurious / thick products that you reach for in the winter - you'll be looking for lighter, refreshing and revitalising beauty products that are going to give you skin that lovely glow and a new lease of life.

It's not always easy to know where to start and if you're new to the beauty worlds, you might not be too sure what to look out for or what kinds of products to use following the ultra-hydrating products which you used during the winter months but don't worry! 

All you need to do is really give your skincare regime a little bit of a shake up - you'll find that it probably helps to do something with your make-up too as you graduate to lightweight makeup for the warmer months.

Now the sun is shining (or we want it to be) - there's no better time to start making little changes to your skincare (and makeup) products to get ready for those warmer months ahead and here - we have 10 simple steps offering advice and tips on what could work for your skin.  

Avoid Anything Too Heavy

First of all, you’re going to want to put down those heavy winter products and leave them down for the summer months on the way.

There's nothing like a heavy or oil-based moisturiser or intensive serum to really disturb your skin for spring months.

At the same time, when you’re thinking of buying new products, you’re going to want to keep your mind firmly focused on lighter options.

Your skin wants to be able to breathe a bit more in spring - and natural is the way forward.

Leave the heavy-products on the shelf for a little while longer. 

Invest In A Good Mist

The first kind of skincare product you're going to want to look for is a mist.

They're perfect for the warmer months as not only do they refresh your skin but they provide lovely ingredients which work with your skin to revitalise, tone, soothe and nourish.

Look out for brands such as Elizabeth Arden and Kopari.

Both brands have great mists such as the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Miracle Mist or the Kopari Coconut Rose Toner.

They hydrate and refreshensyour skin but also helps to keep your makeup looking great during the day too. 

Try The Right Treatment

If you've noticed that your skin seems to be looking less than glowing and needs a boost then give your skin some TLC.

If you're suffering with breakouts then you might want to look at  a popular acne treatment to help clear it up.

Breakouts are something which everyone struggles with and they can really knock down your confidence - by eating a balanced diet and trying to reduce your stress is a great way to calm your skin too.

With the right treatment, you'll be able to calm your skin, reduce the appearance of blemishes and control the breakouts all in time for the spring months ahead. 

Face Oils 

Now, moving onto another popular skincare item - face oils!

You're going to want to turn your attention to oils and even though many people get put-off by the fact it's an oil - please read below! 🙂

Even if you have oily skin - face oils can work wonders for your skin to help provide balance and even helping reduce the appearance of oil and shine on your skin.

There's plenty of oils on the market - all infused with different ingredients and for many brands, they offer guidance on choosing the correct oil for your skin type.

Layla loves a face oil from AKIN but there's plenty out there on the market including a Trilogy Rosehip Oil which is ultra-moisturising but also heals your skin as you wear it too.


Find A Killer Serum

Moving a step on from face oils - you're also going to want to consider adding a serum to your skincare regime too.

Serums offer that hydrating feel yet remain lightweight and as most skincare products - different brands offer different serums targeting your skin concerns.

If you want to invest in your skincare - look at brands such as Elizabeth Arden, Clarins, Clinique, Lancome and Dior - they all have luxury products where a little goes a very, very long way.

Add Some Hydration

Now, you're going to want to think about hydrating your skin in the best way possible - this will help to prepare your skin for the warmer days, moving onto the summer / holiday months too.

After winter, our skin can sometimes feel a little de-hydrated so make sure you check out products that contain  hyaluronic acid.

A great choice to look at is  SkinCeuticals Hyaluronic Acid Intensifier - this will just add so much nourishment and hydrate your skin leaving it looking and feeling beautiful however it's pricey so look around and target your skin concern.

Work In Some Exfoliation

At the same time - it's always worth checking out an exfoliator as they're great to refresh and give your skin that much-needed boost.

Look for exfoliators with tiny exfoliating beads - there's a wide variety of products out there which use natural fruits and sugars as their exfoliating beads which are a lot lighter and delicate on the skin yet still give you those beauty results.

 Here are some brands to look at if you don't know where to start - REN, Clarins and Skinceuticals. 

Freshen Up Your Cleanser

When it comes to your cleanser - it's worth changing it up for the spring and warmer months too.

It's recommended that you change up your cleansing products as sometimes your skin can actually get used to the products that you're wearing. You can stay with the same brand - but every so often, make some sort of change to your cleanser.

Add a toner to your routine too - they're hydrating, soothing and ultra-refreshing so a great option to add to your skincare products.  

Opt For A Lighter Coverage

Moving onto makeup - you're going to want to put away your winter foundation!

Instead, reach for a light coverage / lightweight foundation for the spring and warmer months ahead. 

A natural, lightweight foundation is going to make sure that your skin can breathe but will still give you a lovely, flawless glow. 

Great options here are the Giorgio Armani Maestro Glow Nourishing Fusion Makeup for high end or the Bourjois 123 Foundation for a budget buy. 

Give Setting Sprays A Go

Finally, make sure you check out setting sprays.

You don't always want to be wearing powders over your makeup especially in the warmer months.

There's so many setting sprays on the market now which contain ingredients that work with your skin as you wear.

If you don't want to spend too much use a face mist. Layla says that some face mists can also be used as setting sprays - just make sure that it's a really, really fine lightweight mist. 

We love reading your comments so let us know what you think below! What skincare and makeup products do you like using in the spring and warmer months?

Do you go through a whole skincare shake up?

Let us know!

The Sprinkles of Style Team

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