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Revlon Nuevo Nail

Revlon Nuevo Nail

Revlon Nuevo Nail


Revlon Nuevo Nail


I’m a big fan of nail designs and will try to create different styles, I may not always get it right but I do try and I think I need to invest in some nail tools instead of using random bits and pieces.

After receiving an email from Revlon this morning I thought I’d share this little walkthrough with you, it’s a really simple design and you can add a couple of little stones or glitter to add a twist to it.

Nuevo Nail

By Revlon UK Nail Ambassador – Jenny Longworth

Revlon Colour – Enchanting (how cute is the name)

Step 1 – Buff and file nails to smooth surface. Wipe over each nail with a cotton pad soaked in remover to thoroughly cleanse before applying a layer of base coat.

Step 2– Apply 2 coats of ‘Enchanting‘ Nail Polish

Step 3 – Place a couple of drops of ‘Knockout‘ onto a palette, using a fine nail art brush create an ‘m‘ shape close to the cuticle on each nail.

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Step 4 – Add another arch over the ‘m‘ shape on each nail. Then, add a small dot at the top of the arch.

Step 5 – Tidy up any mistakes around the edges using a concealer brush dipped in remover. Finish with a layer of top coat for added shine.

So, there’s a little step by step guide on creating the look above and you can always add little crystals or glitter to give it a bit of a festive feel! 🙂

Let me know what you think!

Layla xx

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