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Scare Doo Haircare Brush

Scare Doo Haircare Brush

Scare Doo Haircare Brush

Scare Doo Brush

Scare Doo Haircare Brush

Scare Doo Haircare Brush

Scare Doo Haircare Brush

Scare Doo Haircare Brush

Scaredoo Haircare Brush

Scaredoo Haircare Brush


Scare Doo Haircare Brush* £10.99


Anything to do with haircare and I’m interested, for those of you who follow my blog you’ll know that I’m always on the lookout for hair products and accessories which help keep it in the best condition and in this post I’ll be talking/writing about the Scaredoo Haircare brush 2-in-1.

Scaredoo Haircare Brush

Scaredoo is a wonderful brand that have carefully developed a unique 2-in-1 ‘flip and finish‘ haircare tool that protects hair, prevents damage, split ends and can be used by all the family.

What do you mean ‘Flip and Finish’?

The hair brush has been developed specially and has two different sides with two different bristles covering all hair types as you can see in an image below.

(Image from Scaredoo)



In some of the images above you can see theres little slots all around the brush which click in and you can easily change the brush sides to use the different bristles.

How to use the Scare Doo Haircare Brush?

I have long wavy/curly hair…depending on it’s mood!

I have only used it on wet hair after a shower as this is when my hair is at it’s worst, tangled and awful…so bad that it makes me want to chop off my hair into a shoulder haircut but then I think it’s taken so long to grow so not just yet!

I use the pink side…you can see all the pink bristles on one side in the pictures above as I think that’s the best side for my hair, when I straighten my hair I’ll be using the other side, plain blue.

My thoughts on the Scare Doo Haircare Brush

I LOVE it, I actually really like the brush, I didn’t expect to like it as much as I didn’t think it would be as easy to use but it’s so easy and there is no (or very little) pulling on my hair.

I am really impressed with this brush and do recommend it to people with long, curly, dry hair as it really will help you take care of it a lot more as there is less pulling.

See Also

On one occasion I did go over my hair with another comb just to make sure every knot had gone but overall I’m very impressed and use it a lot!

I have also seen that my hair has started to feel a lot better especially on the ends where it has been feeling really dry and I’m using a hair oil too (review coming soon) so I think if you want to get your hair in good condition then definitely get one of these and a hair treatment and you’ll really start seeing a difference!

I will also be trying it when I straighten my hair just to see the difference in texture but I’m sure I’ll be happy 🙂

Purchase online

You can purchase this exact brush online and there is also a wonderful variety of colours ranging from a lovely pink, cheerful yellow (perfect for kids), salon black, blue and the one I have, perfect purple! 🙂

Click HERE to view the colour options and click HERE to the product page.

You can also click HERE to go to the homepage and find out more about the brand.

So, as always let me know what you think of this product.

Is it something you feel would be good for your hair or have you used this??

Let me know!!

Layla xx

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