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Revlon Nearly Naked Bronzer Review – Deep Fonce

Revlon Nearly Naked Bronzer Review – Deep Fonce

It’s been a very long time since I reviewed a bronzer so this makes a nice change.

When I was in London for a meeting with a PR company I was very kindly given a selection of products to feature and review on here!

This is from Revlon’s Nearly Naked Range which is a no makeup look….to put it simply it’s about looking natural which I absolutely love!

I’m all about looking natural…I absolutely HATE caking myself in makeup as I feel that only hides a persons beauty!

My first thoughts on this bronzer is that it looks really clean and simple due to it’s packaging….it’s a crisp white colour which really sets off the deep brown bronzer which you can see.

As soon as you open it you have a little mirror and a little sponge-like applicator.

 One side of the applicator is a silk-like material which I don’t think can be used to apply this and on the other side it’s more of a sponge which I used.

You can build the colour to a desired look but I always prefer to go natural!

What are my thoughts on this bronzer?

Well my thoughts aren’t great…..I didn’t really like the colour on my skin tone as it made my skin look muddy and with a stronger look it turned me orange so I washed my face and left this out.

As I’ve mentioned it’s a struggle to find a bronzer which I actually like and I feel it’s similar for a lot of people.

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Bronzer shouldn’t make you look muddy or orange, it should be a deep brown without any orange undertones….more of a chocolate with pink/coral undertones….this way it defines your cheekbones and gives you a healthy glow.

Would I recommend this to friends and fellow bloggers?

No….I wouldn’t

If you’ve tried this let me know what you think….what may work for me may not work for you and what works for other people may not work for me.

It’s always nice reading comments and seeing people sharing links so please feel free to do so!

if you have any questions or would like nay advice you can always tweet me: @layladbeauty

Lots of love!

Layla xx


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    • Aww thank you!! I’m always honest about things and if I don’t like something I’ll say so….it’s so lovely to read all these comments and see that people appreciate it!

      It makes me smile! :)xxx

    • Hi Natalie,

      Aww hahaha, thank you for your comment! I love being honest as I feel people appreciate it so I’ll mention when I love something the same way I’ll say if I don’t!

      I have tried Laura Geller’s Bronzer which I love BUT I’ve just looked on her site and they don’t sell it anymore…I bought it through QVC so it may have been a limited edition bronzer I’m not too sure….it was a baked bronzer and has different colours running through it, brown is the main colour but blended with it is pink, coral and a highlighter which gives your cheekbones a gorgeous glow!

      I also have my own natural skincare & mineral makeup range which is free from harsh chemicals and gives skin a gorgeous glow….we’re developing bronzers and will have a lovely mix so you can check that out too!

      I’ll be checking out your blog as soon as I reply to this! 🙂

      Layla xx

    • You know what is a great bronzer, the FIT me pressed powders, they are translucent powders, but they give colour pay off, I bought one in a couple of shades darker and I use it all the time as its matte, but doesn’t have that muddy luck!

      I’d love to check out your skincare range, when the wage comes through haha.


    • Ooh, I’ve never tried FIT….that’s something I’ll be checking out! I love bronzers as they’re lovely to use on a night out for extra definition or during the winter when I want to give my skin some colour but generally I use my blush which just gives my skin a rosy glow! 🙂

      It’s such a shame that I can’t send you the link for Laura Geller’s bronzer….I can only assume it was a limited edition one!! I liked how it had a variety or bronzer, corals and highlighters all in one product!

      Hahaha! if you email my make-up email [email protected] I’ll send you through a code for your first shop! 🙂

      II’ve followed your blog too so I’ll definitely be checking it out often and I’ll let you know if I find FIT me pressed powders and what my thoughts are!! 🙂 xxx

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