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Red Nail Polish – Valentines Special

Red Nail Polish – Valentines Special


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Red Nail Polish – Valentines Special

Valentine day and red go hand in hand and as the day is nearly here I decided to put together a little post featuring some of my favourite Red Nail Polishes.

Red Nail Polish is a classic colour which is loved by women all over the world, when I younger I HATED red nail polishes however over the past couple of years I’ve done my research, browsed the beauty aisles and now I’m fond of the colour.

I find that the same rule applies for lipstick and nail polish, I always opt for Reds that have a blue undertone and completely avoid anything that’s got that orange base colour as I find that looks too ‘old‘ for my liking.

My favourite Red Nail Polishes for all skin tones.

Kate Spade New York by Nails Inc – My favourite nail polish out of all 3. This red is gorgeous, bright, crisp, clean and I find myself admiring my nails during the day when wearing it haha!

W7 Nail Polish – When applied this isn’t as crisp and bright as the Nails Inc Polish but it’s still a shade I go to time and time again when I want a classic red colour on my nails.

Radley Nail Polish – This is a deeper shade out of all 3, it’s still a red shade but if you’re not brave enough for the Nails Inc or W7 polish then opt for something like this!

I get a lot of emails asking how to wear red and a lot of people will say ‘oh buy a red lipstick‘ but if you’re not brave enough or are new to wearing bright colours I’d always recommend starting with a red nail polish.

[pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”]If you’re new to colour I’d always recommend starting off with a red nail polish[/pullquote]

Your hands are something you look at during the day although you may not realise it, when reaching for your phone, typing on the computer, writing in your notebook you’ll catch glimpses of the colour during your day making your eye used to the colour.

After that you can then go for the red lipstick! 🙂

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So, as valentines day is round the corner or only a day away now what colour are you reaching for?

Do you love red nail polishes, if so what’s your favourite shade/brand?

Let me know!

Layla xx

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