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Pop Beauty Permanent Pout

Pop Beauty Permanent Pout


it may only be the start of 2020 but I’ve got some AMAZING products to share with you all and here is one collection that I’m so excited to write about.

Pop Beauty, if you’ve never heard of the brand – make a note! I have a feeling that this will become a go-to brand for many people.

About Pop Beauty


As far as I know, Pop Beauty are relatively new to the UK market and if you’re a bit of a beauty-geek like me, the brand will remind you of none other than Essence!

Taking a look on the website, the brand describes themselves as being “famous for vibrant colours, innovative and foolproof makeup artist tips & tricks”.


Right from the beginning, you can see that this brand is all about having fun and finding your creative side with makeup. 💖

As mentioned, in this post, I’m writing about Pop Beauty and their range of ‘permanent’ lipgloss. You’ll be able to see the colour range and of course – the lasting power!

Are they really permanent?

Pop Beauty Permanent Pout – Packaging


How lovely do these look?

The packaging is lovely and for an affordable brand, they have more of a ‘higher-end’ look which is really nice.

I like spotting attention to detail and one thing which stands out, for me, is the fact that you can also see each of the lipgloss shades. This is great if you’re out shopping as you can take a look and see which shade you like.

One thing I would like to mention, if you’re a clean-freak like me, is that the packaging is a shiny silver and whilst it looks lovely – when you touch the lipgloss, you can leave a fingerprint on the packaging.

Yes, I am the person that will wipe their beauty / makeup products after using them to make sure they’re all lovely, clean and presentable! I really think I need help… 🙈

Pop Beauty Permanent Pout – Colour Range

From Left to Right: Butter Babe – Pink Tutu – Plump Peach – Poppy Pout – Coral Crush
From Left to Right: Red Velvet – Berry Boost – Razzle Rose – OMG Violet

The permanent pout collection features a variety of lovely shades and if you look closely, there’s something to suit everyone and all types of looks that you want to create.

💄Butter Babe – A rich nude shade to compliment and add a subtle warm tone to your make look. This looks great with a beautiful smokey eye.

💄Pink Tutu – A fun, flirty pink shade. Think of this as a pink / nude lipgloss which adds a subtle touch of colour. Looks great with a subtle smokey eye or eyeliner look.

💄Plump Peach – This is a warm nude shade with a peach undertone adding a lovely pop of colour. This looks great with bronze makeup as it compliments the warm tones.

💄Poppy Pout – Fun and slightly brighter than ‘Plump Peach’ as this has more colour. Again, this will look great with bronze / peach makeup and I’d say this is a beautiful go-to for summer days too!

💄Coral Crush – Just like it’s name, this is a brighter coral shade. Great if you’re looking to add more colour to your makeup and with blue undertones, this will make your teeth look whiter!

💄Red Velvet – A beautiful rich red shade, almost a berry-red colour which looks great all-year round. This can be worn with a lovely slick eyeliner look, keeping the focus on your gorgeous lip colour.

💄Berry Boost – True berry tones, rich and with purple tones. This is a lovely shade for winter and for those that love darker, bolder lip colours.

💄Razzle Rose – Back to the more subtle tones, this is a beautifully rich, sophisticated rose shade. Complimenting every type of makeup look and a go-to for many people.

💄OMG Violet – Just take a look at the name. A bright shade of violet!

Pop Beauty Permanent Pout – Texture & Lasting Power


Moving onto the texture of the product, even though this is a lipgloss, it’s described as a lip paint and that’s exactly how I’d describe it too.

As soon as you start applying the product, it’s not a ‘gloss’, it’s a thick paint-like texture however it applies and feels lightweight on the skin which is nice.

See Also

There’s nothing worse than heavy / tacky gloss or lipstick – that’s the last thing we all want! 😄

For those of you who want a lip product that lasts all day long, this is for you!

As soon as you apply the product and let it ‘settle’, you’ll notice that it dries and has a very long-lasting finish, taking you through the day.

Depending on the colour, some have a slightly longer-lasting finish but the best way I can describe these is a lip paint with a semi-matte effect.

Darker shades, if they fade, will look more like a stain. Lighter colours on the other hand will simply fade slightly.

If you use a lip balm prior, to applying, the lasting power will be less as there’s a ‘barrier’ between the lip colour however I prefer applying a balm to nourish, hydrate and I don’t mind applying a bit more colour when needed.

Pop Beauty Permanent Pout – Where To Shop?


At the moment, I’d recommend visiting the brand website and shopping direct from there as that’s where I can currently find their products.


They were listed on Superdrug however the products have since been removed – as soon as I see them being stocked elsewhere on the high-street, I’ll let you all know! 💜

I’d love to know what you all think about the brand and if you’ve tried any of the products?

Remember, you can tweet me, get in touch on Instagram or email!

Layla x

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