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Diego Dalla Palma Pattern Blush – Warm

Diego Dalla Palma Pattern Blush – Warm


Take a look at this beauty – I mean, how gorgeous is this pattern blush by Diego Dalla Palma!?

You all know that I absolutely love writing about beauty products and even more so, when it’s a brand that I haven’t featured on here before.

For those of you who may not know, Diego Dalla Palma is a brand from Milan, Italy and they’re taking the UK market by storm – bringing us ever-so-pretty products!



The blush comes packaged in a lovely, sleek box and inside, the product casing feels almost velvety!

If you’re anything like me, keep the packaging. This will help you to keep your beauty / vanity drawers neat and organised.



Ok, just look at how beautiful the blush looks!

Beauty lovers will agree that time and detail has gone into making this a mini-masterpiece!

It really is beautiful and it’s products like these that really make me appreciate the beauty industry.



The colour of the blush that I’m writing about is 339 – Pattern Warm Blush.

As you can see in the photos, this is a cross between a blush and a bronzer.

It’s not too pink to be a blush, yet it’s not too brown to be a bronzer – it’s got the perfect balance of both colours, with the addition of a subtle highlight for a beautiful glow!

I’ve been using this and one thing that I’ve noticed is that even though this is a pressed-powder blush, it’s an extremely lightweight powder.


Lasting Power & Price

Priced at £24.50 – it’s not cheap but when you look at the quality and lasting power, it’s always worth investing in key pieces like this.

Makeup products last a while and there’s no better time than now to start looking at what we’re wearing on our skin – especially if it’s on a daily basis.

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I’ve looked around online and at the moment, this blush is sold out on a lot of websites – it was available through Marks and Spencer however I have found it on a website called Beauty Line – based in Cyprus! Click Here

Overall, this is a lovely blush – if you’re looking for something which is a cross between a blush and bronzer, this is perfect!

It’s got a beautiful warmth from the bronze and a lovely rosy colour from the blush bringing you the best of both worlds.

I’d love to know what you think if you’ve tried this or if you’ve spotted this on any websites or in-store?

Layla x

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