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Pixi Perfect - Glow Out With Pixi Beauty - Makeup Review Blog
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Pixiperfect – Glow Out With Pixi!

Pixiperfect – Glow Out With Pixi!


It’s been a while since I’ve written a post but I’m working on so many different projects, which I’ll be sharing soon, that I just haven’t managed to put a post together.

Even though it’s late, I’m sat at my desk with a beautiful view of London and I’m writing about some products from Pixi which were kindly sent to me.

I admire Pixi as a brand and it’s always really exciting to see their products and collections, they’re fantastic and they always put in so much into their packaging and gift boxes which is always really lovely.

Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer Glow With Pixi


For those of you who may not know, primers are used as a ‘base’ after applying your skincare and before applying your make-up.

Creating a barrier and giving your makeup the base to cling on to.

The Pixi Beauty Primer contains skin-loving, hydrating and anti-ageing ingredients which would initially make you think it’s for more mature skin types.

Not the case, this is suitable for all skin types and whilst it hydrates it also balances your skin.

I recommend this for the summer – whilst it does give your skin a fantastic base, prior to makeup. You could easily use this as a base with no foundation during the warmer and summer months.

Add a touch of concealer here and there and your base is good to go!

Healthy looking, glowy skin.

+Rose Lip Nourisher – Pixi Beauty


Nourishing and inspired-by-nature.

This is a rose infused lip balm with hydrating, soothing an softening ingredients providing a healthy sheen and keeping your lips soft and smooth.

For a subtle colour, this is an essential as you get that healthy dose of colour – nothing over the top or too bold. Perfect for every-day.

EyeLift Max – Pixi Beauty


Brighten your eyes with the EyeLift Max.

Shades like these are essentials for your every-day makeup and I tend to use a shimmer base for all my eye makeup looks whether it’s a simple eye makeup or a more dramatic smokey eye.

Shimmer bases are essential for ‘opening’ up the eyes and making them look brighter, alert and sparkling and this is a fantastic base.

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The only downfall in the sample that I received is that the eye base was slightly clumpy so I had to mix the wand around to combine it again – but that’s the only downside.

As a liquid-eyeshadow, this goes on quite creamy and is easy to blend, you have a good 10-20 seconds to blend before it starts ‘locking’ into place, ready for your next colour or darker eyeshadow.

Can be worn alone as a base or teamed up with your eyeshadows to create a beautiful look.

TipThis can double-up as a highlighter. Shades such as “Sunset” or “Chiffon” are perfect colours which can double-up as highlighters.

Overall, the products in this kit are wonderful and I’m really impressed with the items.

They’re great for everyday makeup and fantastic for the summer months – to give your skin that glow, the Pixi Glow.

Layla xx

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