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Pastels by the Sea

Pastels by the Sea



Pastels By The Sea – Do you sometimes scroll through your camera and find pictures that you just love!?

This happened to me and I thought it would be quite nice to share these photos from when I was in Greece – I mean, just look at how beautiful the sea is!

The feeling of warmth from the sun and being surrounded by these views really does make you relax and you can feel that vibe through the photos!

Pastels were a big thing for me this year, I’ve never worn them more than I did in the summer and will continue to do so – hello pastel sweaters! 🙂

This vest top that I’m wearing is from Greece, it’s from a different boutique in Athens to the one I mentioned in this post but what I love the most is the lace detail on the back and shoulders – it’s under all that hair of mine and I’ll be featuring close-ups in another post!

I’ve teamed the vest with a pair of bright pattern skorts which you can just about see in the photo above – I mean why wear a skirt when you can wear a skort…similar look without the fear of showing your knickers to the world haha! 🙂

Adding these mirrored sunglasses just gave the look a cooler edge and they’ve been loved by all you guys in previous posts too…

So, for now whilst it’s raining – escape and enjoy the sea views….

pastel-outfit-sea pastel-fashion-blog

What I’m Wearing 

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I hope you’re all well and having a wonderful start to the week – be happy and don’t let this rainy weather bring you down!


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