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Neal and Wolf Haircare

Neal and Wolf Haircare

Neal and Wolf Haircare

Neal and Wolf Ritual Cleansing Shampoo

Neal and Wolf Harmondy Intensive Care Conditioner

Neal and Wolf Form Sculpting Lotion

Neal and Wolf Haircare


A few weeks ago I received a lovely parcel from Neal and Wolf Haircare which contained 3 full-size products for me to test, try, review and feature online and as soon as I saw the products I was extremely excited to try them as I’d never tried Neal and Wolf Haircare products before.

What Neal and Wolf Haircare Products did I get sent?

I got sent 3 full-size products as Neal and Wolf asked me about my hair and I told them that it tends to get a little dry at the ends and sometimes my curls/waves don’t have that definition that I would like.

Neal and Wolf Ritual Daily Cleansing Shampoo

Neal and Wolf Harmony Intensive Care TreatmentΒ 

Neal and Wolf Form Sculpting Lotion

What do I think of the Neal and Wolf Haircare products?

From the very first use I fell in LOVE with the products!!!

The smell of the products is incredible, it’s a lovely almost flowery scent with a touch of sweetness which I love…it’s extremely hard to describe but it’s a beautiful smell which lasts on your hair but ever so delicately…it’s beautiful!

To make things easier I’m going to write about each product below.

Shampoo: It’s a clear shampoo which is a nice change from your normal colours and I found that a small amount goes a VERY long way. I just needed about a 50p size and that covered all my hair, the smell is gorgeous and I could feel that my hair was softer after shampooing which is nice too πŸ™‚

Conditioner: A creamy lotion which is very thick and not like your high street conditioners. I needed just over a 50p size of this to cover the mid/ends of my hair…I tend to focus on the ends as this is where my hair gets dry and damaged so I treat it as best as I can! I also put my hair in a clip when I condition it and leave it on for 10 minutes and found my hair had soaked the conditioner up and felt so smooth and lovely!

Sculpting Lotion: I normally have no hope for cream products as I don’t find they do anything but after having a shower, using the shampoo and conditioner I then towel-dried my hair, combed it, applied a 10p size amount of cream all the way through my hair and then scrunched it….I always let my hair air-dry and you can see the results in the last picture which was taken the next morning.

So to sum it all up….

I love these haircare products!

The shampoo deep-cleanses hair and leaves it soft which is a bonus!

The conditioner is a lot thicker than many brands out there and really leaves hair soft, smooth and shinier.

The sculpting lotion keeps hair in place and just helps to define the curl which is fabulous! πŸ™‚

The picture of me is my curls the next morning after using the cream!

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All products smell beautiful too!

How much are the Neal and Wolf Haircare Products pictured above?

– Neal and Wolf Ritual Daily Cleansing Shampoo: Β£10.95

– Neal and Wolf Harmony Intensive Care Treatment: Β£12.95

– Neal and Wolf Form Sculpting Lotion: Β£11.95

Purchasing Neal and Wolf Haircare Products online.

As you all know I love linking through to pages and making things easy for you to click and locate the item so by clicking NEAL AND WOLF HAIRCARE you’ll be taken to the product page listing all the items above!

Would I recommend Neal and Wolf Haircare Products to family and friends?


I love the products, I love the smell and I love how my hair feels after using them…it’s a big difference from high street brands and I would recommend spending extra and getting products that last longer and give you results!

Beautiful people, let me know what you think of the products and if you’ve tried them!

Layla xx

I would just like to say a BIG thank you to Neal and Wold for sending me these products, I am extremely grateful for brands working wit me and sending me products to try, test and feature online so thank you very much! πŸ™‚

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