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Head over Heels – Embellished Biker Boots

Head over Heels – Embellished Biker Boots

Head over Heels - Embellished Biker Boots


Winter weather is well and truly on the way and looking out of my office window I can see the rain and dark clouds looking as miserable as ever so of course my online browsing and shopping turns to boots, jumpers and jeans to stock up for this winter and whilst I was in House of Fraser I spotted these beautiful Head over Heels Embellished Biker Boots!!!

Why do I like Biker Boots?

As a lot of you know I absolutely LOVE Biker Boots, they’re super-comfortable, fashionable and they look good with jeans, jumpers and just give your outfit that casual, laid-back look which I love.

Why did I like these Embellished Biker Boots?

We always see Biker Boots in stores but I’ve never seen embellished ones like these and they really stood out from everything else…I think I’m like a magpie…anything sparkly and my eye is drawn to it…I actually spotted these from the other side of the store.

Biker Boots are comfortable and can be worn all day long but these have that edge, they have the sparkle which makes them prettier, they’re comfortable and I LOVE the buckle detail too….they just look great and I really, really like them and can see myself wearing them A LOT throughout the winter! 🙂

How much are these Embellished Biker Boots?

They’re priced at £59.00 and after trying them on and feeling the quality I can say it’s worth it, they’re soft, comfortable and gorgeous!

Can I purchase these Embellished Biker Boots online?

Yes, as I mentioned in another post about Dune you can purchase them from Dune’s website and these are from the sister company called Head over Heels.

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By clicking EMBELLISHED BIKER BOOTS you’ll be taken direct to the product page! 🙂

So, as always let me know what you think of these Biker Boots…do you love Biker Boots as much as me or are they not your thing??

Let me know!

Layla xx

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