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Nanshy Eye Brush Set

Nanshy Eye Brush Set

Nanshy Eye Brush Set

Nanshy Eye Brush Set

Nanshy Large Shader Brush

Nanshy Blending Eye Brush

Nanshy Eye Crease Brush

Nanshy Tapered Crease Brush

Nanshy Flat Definer Brush

Nanshy Angled Detailer Brush

Nanshy Precise Bent Eyeliner Brush

Β Nanshy Eye Brush Set *

Only recently did I find out about Nanshy and they’re becoming one of my favourite brush brands so here’s a post about their eye brush set which included everything you need to create different looks ranging from a smokey eye to eyeliner! πŸ™‚

The Nanshy Eye Brush Set packaging.Β 

It comes in a lovely box where you can see the brushes, the main thing that stood out for me is in the bottom left hand corner you can see the ‘Cruelty Free’ logo which is a BIG plus for me!

You pull out the brushes which are contained in plastic casing holding each brush in place so they don’t move around which I think is a nice touch and will be perfect for gifts and stocking fillers!

How many brushes come in the set?

You get 7 fantastic brushes, all for the eyes so you can create a variety of looks ranging from a smoky eye to simple eyeliner.

– Large Shader

– Blending Eyeshadow

-Eye Crease

– Tapered Crease

– Flat Definer

– Angled Detailer

– Precise Bent Eyeliner

More info about the brushes

The brushes are all synthetic and I prefer that to real hair, with synthetic brushes I feel that they last much longer, you can cleanse them more often and they always remain soft on the skin which is the best thing.

Large Shader: This is perfect to apply colour all over the eyelid quickly and easily.

Blending Eyeshadow: It might not sound like the easiest thing but it’s one of the best ways to get a beautiful smoky eye. You need to have a clean brush which is used just for blending colours together, not applying. A blending brush should be fluffy and curved so it glides over the crease easily blending the colours together.

Eye Crease: This is the perfect size to apply darker colour directly to the crease area, use your blending brush to blend the colours together.

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Tapered Crease: I use a tapered crease on the outer corner of the eye to apply my darker shades and use a blending brush to blend it with the crease of the eye…this is good if you want to use a mixture of colours and have it going light, medium and dark at the outer corner.

Flat Definer: I would use this when I want to apply a lighter shade in the middle of the eyelid to ‘brighten’ and ‘lighten’ the eye when creating a smoky eye.

Angled Detailer: An angled detailer is perfect to use along the lower and upper lash line, I’d use this with my darker shades to define my eyes when creating a smoky eye. It’s small so you could also use it in the inner corner of the eyes to apply a lighter shade to ‘brighten‘ the eyes.

Precise Bent Eyeliner: Perfect for applying liner on the upper lash line and lower lash line, the shape allows you to be more precise when lining the eye.

Do you need all these brushes in a set?

Yes, I feel like you do and if you want to get into make-up or apply makeup using professional tools this is a way to start.

Each brush has a use and to get clean, perfect looks you need to use your brushes separately and making sure they’re clean each time you use them.

If you want to get into the make-up industry this is a perfect eye kit, you have everything you need!

If you’re a beauty junkie it’s a wonderful kit to have as you can create a wide range of looks!

If you’re a beauty blogger, again, it’s a good eye brush set to have as you can create different looks using different products which is wonderful! πŸ™‚

Where to buy Nanshy?

You can visit Nanshy’s site by clicking HERE and you can click HERE to view their stockists.

Let me know what you think of these brushes and if you’ve tried Nanshy!!

Layla xx

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