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Make Your Blog Space Better

Make Your Blog Space Better



Make Your Blog Space Better – Hey everyone! I hope you’re all well and having a lovely weekend – I just want to apologise for the lack of posts!

If you’ve been keeping up with things through my Instagram page you will have seen that I was in Greece for a few days for work but I’m now back and ready to catch up with everything. 🙂

I’ve been receiving a few emails from people asking me about how to stay motivated with blogging which you can read more about in this post here and also about how to make your blog space better (and prettier) so you can feel a lot more motivated whilst working.

Make Your Blog Space Better – Get Crafty

You can easily spruce up your desk / office / blogging area by thinking outside the box – don’t go spending a fortune on different pieces, you just need to think about getting creative!

I love ‘feature walls’ and as you can see in the image above, it’s really easy to do and with this you’re keeping things unique!

Go to your local IKEA store and get a few white frames, in the same or different size – it doesn’t really matter.

Find your favourite pictures whether it’s with your friends and loved ones, shots from your travels, quotes or even cut-outs featuring outfit inspiration….this will instantly update your room / work space and make your blog space better and of course, prettier! 🙂

If feature walls aren’t really your thing then think about adding colourful accessories to your space such as pen holders, filing cabinets, organisers – all of which you can turn into little DIY projects and make things unique.

Make Your Blog Space Better – Candles & Flowers

I know, here we go again! It’s not the best thing to featurethese two together BUT I love candles and flowers!

Please be careful when lighting candles….don’t put them near flowers….obviously…

Candles will instantly add a ‘calming’ touch to your work space, especially if they’re scented! For me it’s all about making your work space as relaxed as possible…..I feel I work better this way as I’m able to gather my thoughts, post ideas and generally get a lot more work done when my blogging / work space is neat and calm.

Love candles? Check out these Jo Malone Candles  – they smell absolutely incredible and last for ages too!

For those of you who know me will know that I absolutely love having flowers in the house, they just add vibrancy, colour and lift your mood instantly! I mean who doesn’t love flowers!?

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If you’re looking for hassle-free flowers which you can also use in post photos then check out these beautiful faux Accent flowers – not only do they look beautiful but they last forever! 🙂

Make Your Blog Space Better – Keep Comfortable

This might be a little bit odd to write about but when you think about it, you need to be comfortable in your work/office/blogging space.

Make sure you have a desk that’s right for you – I love spacious white desks as they can also be used for beauty product photography but also make sure you find an office chair that’s comfortable – it really does matter and you’re back/body will thank you for it too! 🙂

So, there we have a few tips on how to make your blog space better – it’s the little things that count and like you can see, you really don’t need to go spending a fortune on different accessories…..think outside the box and get creative.

Turn a room into your little ‘haven’ and you’ll see how much more motivated your feel!


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