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Lush – Snow Time

Lush – Snow Time


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Lush – Snow Time (Christmas Gift Sets)

Ah, I can’t quite believe that it’s now Christmas Eve – seriously, how does time pass by so quickly!?

I have another lovely product to share with you all and it’s the Lush Snow Time Gift Set which is primarily for Christmas BUT have you thought about New Year’s gifts too?

Lush – Snow Time – Packaging

How CUTE is this packaging??? I’m in LOVE with the bold bright colours, the ribbon and the fact the wrapping paper glows in the dark – yes, you read that rightโ€ฆit’s glow in the dark wrapping paper!!

All the little snowflakes and stars glow in the dark, I tried to capture it on camera but it was so blurry and wouldn’t have looked great!

Lush – Snow Time – What are the Products?

This is a lovely choice for everyone but I think it would actually be quite nice for someone who has just started using Lush products too!

– Snowman Shower Jelly

This has to be one of the most unique shower products to be invented – I kept looking at the pot thinking what on earth is this but when you open the tub you’re overwhelmed by this gorgeous, sweet berry scent which is beautiful. As you can see in the pictures above this is actually like a jelly but acts like a soap – simply use in the shower to create a lather!

– Happy Hippy Shower Gel

Do you love refreshing scents? This is something that you will absolutely LOVE!! The refreshing grapefruit smells absolutely beautiful, it’s fresh, zesty and perfect to use in the morning to revitalise skin! ๐Ÿ™‚

– Baked Alaska Soap

Look at the pretty colours – this is gorgeous just to look at not to mention that is smells so lovely too! This is perfect as a hand soap and I love it as it adds a touch of ‘colour’ to my bathroom!

All of the above smell absolutely incredible and once you unpack the products you just get all the beautiful scents, zesty, fruity, berry – it’s a wonderful combination and your bathroom will smell great!

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Lush – Snow Time – Overall

This is a really great gift set and I think anyone receiving this will be really happy as all the products are lovely and smell incredible.

There’s a little part of me that also wants to say if YOU love Lush then why not treat yourself to something like this – it’s Christmas Eve after allโ€ฆ. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Let me know what you think of this gorgeous gift set!

Have you spotted it in store?? Purchased it??

Lush Snow Time Gift Set UK

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