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Lush Cosmetics – Party Exclusive!

Lush Cosmetics – Party Exclusive!


An exclusive – a real exclusive! You get to see some NEW Lush products from the Lush Cosmetics Party Exclusives.

I’m so excited to be writing this post, it’s been a while since I’ve featured the brand online and this is something that I think you’re all going to love.

Perfect for summer and with a fun twist – take a look at the party exclusives!

Packaging – Lush Cosmetics Party Exclusives


Starting things off traditionally – the packaging.

Lush is a brand that is known for their bright and colourful products and the same goes for their packaging.

Take a look inside the cardboard box and you can see the glorious design – it’s so pretty and could even be a wallpaper design!

You’ll also notice the beautiful pops of colour, at first, I thought this was a handbag to keep the products in place but it’s not (see the video further below).

Products – Lush Cosmetics Party Exclusives


Here I’ll show you the products that have been sent to me with a little overview – you can see more over on my YouTube Channel so make sure you check out the video.
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Moving on – lets take a look at the products that I’ll be featuring in this post.


Crash Shower Jelly £ N/A

Ok, how cool does this look? It’s a weird kind of cool – but cool nonetheless!

This is a jelly shower gel which is a great product to have and great to take away on your travels too!

Use it, let it dry and pop it back in the packaging for the next use.

With a beautifully fresh, uplifting aroma thanks to the orange juice and lime juice – it’s really refreshing.


Party Balloon Green Bubble Bar (Reusable) – £5.95

In the video which you can see further below, I wasn’t entirely sure if this was a balloon or not. Sorry.

What I’m loving from Lush Cosmetics is that they’re bringing us more reusable products like this.

It’s pretty, sparkly and makes bath time that little bit more fun! 🙂

Run this under warm running water or swirl around in the bath and watch your bath turn green.

Again, this smells quite fresh but there’s a sweetness to it thanks to the grapefruit oil and lime oil which also nourishes the skin.

After using, put to one side and let it dry. Then, use it again!


Calm A Llama Party Piñata Bath Bomb – £N/A

See Also

Out of everything – this is my FAVOURITE!

I mean, look at this guy! How cute is he and how gorgeous are these colours!?!?!

I cannot begin to tell you how incredible this smells – it’s beautiful thanks to the neroli and lime giving it a fresh yet subtle sweetness too.

I haven’t used this in the bath but from what I can see online, this gives your bath plenty of colour.

When using bath bombs, I tend to split them up – not using the whole thing in one go.

The only thing that’s on my mind – how can I use this? I can’t ruin this – it’s a little masterpiece and just too cute!

VIDEO – Lush Cosmetics Party Exclusives

Take a look at more photos further below – who can see the amazing sparkle / glitter on the balloon bubble bar? It’s lovely!


I can’t wait to see what you all think of these products – make sure you check out the video to see things in much more detail.

Layla x

P.S – Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, there’s lots coming soon including giveaways.

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