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Love Island 2019: How Love Island Impacts People

Love Island 2019: How Love Island Impacts People


Love Island 2019 – it’s gotten everyone talking but are reality TV shows like Love Island impacting people in a negative way?

For the record, I don’t watch Love Island.

The only thing that I have seen is clips being shown on daytime TV or snippets on social media.

A while ago however, I did watch shows like Big Brother. The difference being, we were seeing normal people from all walks of life.

On Love Island, we’re only seeing people who are considered to be ‘perfect’ and in todays day and age, this is where things are going downhill.

Love Island 2019: Where are the REAL people?

I’m all for people finding love. At the end of the day, what is life without love?

But…. where are the REAL people?

We see women with enhanced curves, boobs, bums, lip fillers and this is what’s causing a negative impact, not only on young women, on people overall.

I don’t think that men go as overboard with their looks but this all falls into the category of women feeling more pressure to look ‘good’.

When people in the media or online say “Look at ‘X’, she looks beautiful….” it starts the lack of confidence.

People then think “If ‘X’ is considered as beautiful, I need to change myself and my appearance too”.

Why are we as a society so focused on how people look?

If we ALL focused on treating people with respect and kindness in the same way as we focus on appearances – the world would be a much better place.

Right now, what reality TV shows like Love Island are lacking is REAL normal people.

Love Island 2019: What Do People Look Up To?

A few days ago, I went for a coffee and behind me, there was a group of girls sat at a table talking about the show.

They were around the ages of 15-18 and it’s what actually inspired me to write this post.

A lot of the younger generation actually looks up to people from Love Island but they’re looking up to the wrong values.

From what I know, people on Love Island are considered to be false but it’s not only that – they also lower their standards.

If the younger generation looks up to this, what will it do? It will encourage others to behave in a similar way.

Love Island 2019: What Should We Do About This?

A show like Love Island reaches millions of people and we should be seeing more REAL people on shows like this.

With real people being involved, it’ll not only promote a healthier body image but it will give people the confidence needed to accept themselves as they are.

Embrace natural beauty – we are all individual and there’s no one out there like you!

It’s ok to be thin and it’s ok to be curvy. We need the variety and to show that everyone is beautiful in their own way.

Imagine if we had normal “islanders” (I believe that’s what it’s called) of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds.

It would offer and benefit people so much more than what’s currently on reality tv.

We need to promote real people. We need REAL people to look up to.

Real people are the ones that inspire and make a difference.

Love Island 2019: How We Can Change Things From Now

So, how can we change things?

I believe that a lot of it comes down to the media but we all have to look at what we currently support too.

The recent news surrounding Love Island in terms of mental health isn’t something that we should ignore either – it’s not just about body confidence.

Causing drama or playing with emotions for a show is awful. Maybe Love Island needs to look at how they can change things for next year.

Bring in real, normal people who aren’t only there to play a game or to find fame.

Look for people who may want to find love but also respect themselves, their values and inspire others.

The same can also be said for influencers out there – why is there a need to be fake?
(I have another post on influencers coming soon.)

I don’t have the largest social media following but through my platform and website, I want to show people that we are all worthy and beautiful.

We can inspire and support each other. We can make a difference.

Above all though, we need to have respect for ourselves and everyone around us.

I’d love to know what you all think about the post – do you watch Love Island?

Do you think there needs to be a change?

If so, what changes do you want to see?

Layla x

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