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Live Simply and Dream Big

Live Simply and Dream Big


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Live Simply and Dream Big 

It's a new month and it's time to kick-start your week in the best way possible. So, sit back, relax and enjoy your cup of coffee as Layla is back with a new 'Monday Motivation' post - you don't want to miss this... 🙂 

Live Simply and Dream Big 

Hey everyone! 

It's Layla! It's a new month and we're starting a new week in one of the best ways possible with a new 'Monday Motivation' post - which I know so many of you love!

It's easy for me to sit here behind a computer screen, typing away and telling people to be happy however - that's not what I want to do! 

Through these posts, what I actually want to do is help people and lead them in the right direction to understand that ANYTHING is possible. 

Live Simply and Dream Big: This is something which I wish more people lived by.

The older I get, the more I realise that everything we own means nothing - it's the little things in life (which can't be bought) that matter the most. 

This is why we should live simply and dream big. Focusing on ourselves, our loved ones and of course - our dreams. 


Live Simply and Dream Big 

NEVER compare yourself to anyone else - you are beautiful (and unique) in your own way. 

YOU are here for a reason - to enjoy everything in your life whilst chasing your dreams. 

So, what do I mean by 'Live Simply' - I mean being happy and grateful for the things you already have instead of focusing on the things you don't.

Instead of wishing for the latest gadgets or wishing for the 'luxury lifestyle' - be grateful for what you have!

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Be grateful for the opportunities which come your way and if you wish for something - wish for a healthy life surrounded by your loved ones. 

By living simply and by actually being grateful for the things that you have - everything else which comes your way will feel like a bonus

With less pressure, you'll have the ability to think in a clear manner which will allow you to fully-focus on your dreams, meaning that you can achieve so much more in the long run. 


So, instead of worrying about the things you don't have, be grateful for what you do have - everything else which comes your way will then feel like a bonus. 🙂

Hope you all have a wonderful week and I can't wait to read all your lovely comments! 


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