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Hello everyone! After my preview post from (see more here) I think this is something which you’re all going to love!

It’s a brand which is definitely on the rise and fast becoming one of the go-to websites for affordable jewellery. Ear Cuff – Packaging 

As you can see, this comes packaged in a really lovely, yet simple box.

On top you have the brand name/logo and inside, the box is lined with a thin layer of cotton, keeping the piece in place.

Simple but very pretty and lovely for all occasions – whether it’s a gift for someone or as a little treat to yourself. Ear Cuff – Quality 

The quality of this ear cuff is really great – considering it’s only £4.00!

Sterling silver and perfect if you haven’t got your ear pierced and want to try out a new long or simply don’t want to commit to a new piercing. Ear Cuff – How To Wear?

There’s a number of ways you can wear this ear cuff, I personally wear it on the top of my ear but you can also wear it as a hoop in place of your earring, on the side of your ear – it’s completely up to you and the great thing is that you can move it to suit your mood, outfit and style.

It’s slightly adjustable too so you can ‘push’ the beads together or pull them apart depending on where you wear it. Ear Cuff – My Story (Why I Only Wear Ear Cuffs)

A year ago, I was in Greece and decided to get more piercings. I wanted to have 3 sets of earrings on either ear and re-pirece the top of my ear after it had closed up when I took the stud out for an evening.

Once they were all done, I started taking care of the new ‘additions’ – spending the rest of my holiday in Greece and returned to the UK a few days later.

Back in the UK, one of the piercings started to look a little red – thinking nothing more of it, I attended a press event and by the evening it was red, swollen and very painful! Feeling worried I went straight to A&E where the pain worsened.

To cut the long story short, I had my ear piercing checked over only to be told that it had somehow gotten infected and the new piercings would have to be removed.

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Having injections in my neck and around the ear to numb the pain, the piercings were all removed and since then I’ve said that I would not be getting anymore piercings and only wear ear cuffs now! 🙂 Ear Cuff – Purchase

All you need to do is click here where you’ll be taken straight to the product page to purchase!!

If you’re like me – this is a great way to wear extra pieces without the commitment of a piercing and seeing as you have the choice and variety on the market – what’s not to love! 🙂

jewellery-box-uk-ear-cuff-silver jewellerybox-uk-plain-ear-cuff

Let me know what you all think – have you purchased anything from the and if so, what did you buy? I’d love to know! 🙂


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