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How To Use Grey In Your Home Decor

How To Use Grey In Your Home Decor


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Home Decor Grey Trends - Adding Grey To Your Home

Written By: Sprinkles of Style

While Pantone’s 2019 colour of the year may have been an eye-catching bright statement Coral this isn't the only shade that can help to breathe life and depth into your living space!

In fact, grey is also a colour that can create a lovely and inviting living environment, with many designers currently debating that this is the real shade of the millennium so far - the trend to look out for.

Whether you agree with this or not, it all comes down to your own personal tastes but grey is a colour that can be used to reinvigorate and update your home’s décor. Here are a few tips.....

You Can Add Warmth to your Home with Grey and Vintage Pieces

In many ways, grey is a classic and traditional colour, albeit one that has typically been used sparingly in home interiors. As a result of this, it can be used to introduce warmth to your home - particularly when it’s complimented by vintage pieces to create a genuinely rustic interior.

With this type of design approach, you can introduce grey in the form of a plush carpet and a classic material sofa, before building pastel shades like pink and pale purple with individual throws and cushions.

Consider buying rustic wooden furniture and items such as a vintage cabinet as this will optimise the sense of warmth and create an holistic interior that transforms a house into a home!

Use Grey as a Base for a Contemporary Look

They say that bold is better in the world of contemporary interior design, but this does not mean that grey cannot be used as a base for your home’s décor.

In fact, you can combine soft and subtle shades of grey with splashes of pastel pink to excellent effect, whilst creating a distinctly vintage look with a modern twist! The key is to create your base in the form of grey walls and furniture, before introducing pastel pink, purple or yellow shades through fixtures, furnishings and geometric prints.

An oak table can also help to harmonise the interior’s vintage and contemporary themes, while helping to optimise any natural light that illuminates the space.


Bring Grey to Life with Bright and Bold Colours

Many of the modern design trends are focused on being bold and dramatic in terms of the colour combinations which are used and this is something that many people steer away from.

However, due to interior decor and design making it's mark and becoming a lot more open to mixing different colours - things have definitely opened up in terms of boundaries and the creativity which is found.

You can create a true impact in your home with interior decor and creativity and it's something which many people are turning their attention to in their own homes - whilst giving advice to friends and family.

Once again, if you're looking at adding more grey to your home - use grey as a base colour and look at brighter more colourful accessories.

Think of things such as pink throws, purple cushions and brighter accessories and design prints / wall frames which will add that touch of colour and brightness to your home.

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You'll need to go through everything and carefully coordinate this design however it can really help you to stamp your personality on your home and if you already have grey in your home - this will allow you to bring life to the space throughout your home.

You know we all love reading your comments so let us know what you think about using grey in your home and if what your favourite colour combinations are!

We love pink and grey tones together - especially pastel pink as it adds a sophisticated touch to the space but we want to hear from you!

Sprinkles of Style Team

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