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Misslyn Cosmetics Review – Lipstick and Lipgloss

Misslyn Cosmetics Review – Lipstick and Lipgloss



Misslyn Cosmetics – Everything You Need To Know About The Brand’s Lipstick and Lipglosses

Written By: Layla

As you all know, one of my favourite things about writing is being able to bring you different beauty brands and today – I’m writing about Misslyn Cosmetics.

For those of you who may not have heard of the brand, they’re relatively new to the UK and have recently started supplying their products to the UK market, especially online. Originally Misslyn launched in Germany and now – they’re selling products around the world.

In this post, I’m writing about the brand’s lipsticks and lipgloss and I think a lot of you will be impressed….

Misslyn Cosmetics: Lipgloss

With the rise in matte lipsticks, it seems that lipgloss’ have very much dipped in the beauty market but personally, I love the variety that you can find. Shine, sheen, glitter or matte – there’s different options to choose from!

The three Misslyn Lipgloss items that you can see here are all beautiful in their own way, each colour is very different and there’s something to suit everyone no matter the make-up look you’re creating.


Misslyn Lipgloss: Love At First Sight (Volumising Gloss)

Continuing from above, each gloss is a beautiful colour and unique in it’s own way and I’ve listed the colours (and names) below so you can see a little description about all of them.

05 “You Gloss This” – A rich pink with a coral/peach undertone.

18 “Glossing Me Softly” – A nude lipgloss with a warm brown undertone. (Gloss)

08 “Kick-ass Pout” – A true pink with a pastel tone.


I know a lot of you want to know about the smell of different beauty products so for those of you who may be curious about the scent of the Misslyn Lipgloss’ – they smell lovely!

Think of delicate, slightly sweet, vanilla.

Lasting Power

I’m very impressed with the lasting power of these. All 3 colours are pigmented, true-to-colour and long-lasting.

One other thing to note – they don’t feel sticky or ‘heavy’ either, they’re lightweight and ultra-nourishing so could be a great alternative to lipbalms.


Misslyn Lipstick

Misslyn Cosmetics: Lipstick

Now, we’re moving onto the Misslyn Lipsticks which you can see in the picture right here.

One thing which I have to mention is the packaging. Normally with brands, the packaging can feel cheap, plasticky or flimsy even however that’s not the case with Misslyn Cosmetics.

In this case, the lipstick stand out when compared to the lipgloss’ which, as you can see, come packaged in a lovely rose-gold lipstick container.

They actually feel good quality too – great if you’re travelling or like to have your makeup with you on-the-go!


Misslyn Lipstick: Color Crush Lipstick

The Misslyn Lipstick’s are all beautiful and just like the lipgloss – all the colours are unique in their own way, no two shades are the same which is really nice.

Below, you can see the colours (and names) along with little descriptions about them.

35 “Sweet Lollipop” – A bright, true pink with a blue undertone.
(Matte with slight sheen)

75 “Dancing In The Dark” – A rich nude with a blue undertone.
(Matte with slight sheen)

152 “Huggable” – A deep, very rich brown-red. Works as a stain too.
(Matte with slight sheen)


Compared to the lipgloss, these don’t have a scent. They just smell like lipstick.

Lasting Power

See Also

Amazing – The first time I tested these, I applied them onto the back of my hand to see the colour and when I went to wash my hands, the colours weren’t easy to remove!

My go-to colour is shade 75 and I just ‘dot’ into onto the lips after applying a balm to create a ‘stain’ and the colour lasts well throughout the day – with many coffee’s too!


Misslyn Lipstick / Lipgloss Swatches

Misslyn Lipstick / Lipgloss: Swatches

Take a look at the image here on the right (right-click to make it larger) and you’ll be able to see the swatches for both the lipstick and lipgloss.

Lipstick Swatches – On the left side.

Lipgloss Swatches – On the right side.

Highlight pigmented, lovely colours!

As mentioned above, my go-to shade for the lipstick is 75 and my go-to lipgloss shade 18 as they’re both nude-ish and compliment every type of make-up look whether it’s a delicate eyelined look or smokey eye.

See the Swatches In Detail

If you’d like to see the products and swatches in detail, make sure you check out my VLOG where you can see the items, the packaging and of course – the colours!


So, there we have some of the Misslyn Cosmetics lip products – I know that the brand also have a variety of eyeshadows, blushers, mascara’s, nail polishes etc however I cannot comment on the quality of their other items as I haven’t tried them.

What I can say is that overall, I’m very impressed with the quality and lasting-power of the lipsticks’ and glosses which I have tried and think there’ll be lots more to look out for from the brand. 🙂

I’d love to know if you have tried anything from Misslyn and what you thought of the items!

Have a lovely weekend and can’t wait to read your comments on these…

x x

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