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How To Enjoy The “Travel” Part of Travelling

How To Enjoy The “Travel” Part of Travelling


It's Time To Enjoy ALL of The Travelling Process

Written By: Sprinkles of Style

Travelling is more often than not a completely good experience however, even if you’re the most optimistic person in the world, you can find flaws and drawbacks when it comes to travelling.

Not everyone becomes a better or more complete person and unfortunately sometimes things go wrong abroad that ruin friendships or put people in vulnerable positions - overall, there are drawbacks when it comes to travelling which you need to think about.

If you're someone who worries and struggles to enjoy the "travel" part of travelling - here you can find a few helpful tips to make your next travel journey much better.

Plan Your Day

Good times don't always happen so if you're roaming around the globe - make sure you plan things in advance.

Jot down your planned days, get tickets in advance for tourist attractions and always think ahead - this way, you can schedule things for your holiday, making time for everything to truly enjoy your holiday.

If you're travelling with others - make sure you plan things together, this way the whole process will be much better for everyone and everyone will be on the same page.

With everything organised and arranged prior to your travels, you should be able to relax much more and enjoy the whole travelling experience from start until you return home.


De-Stress Wherever You Can

Some things are worth a complaint and others, not so much.

The airport is often the place where complaints are regularly heard and of course, there's the drive to get to the airport all on time for your flight which does increase stress however - you'll need to de-stress wherever you can.

Change your thought strategy - for example, you could score yourself some off peak tickets on the trains, skipping the traffic and riding the train to the airport instead. There’ll be no waiting around in traffic. (Bonus).

Whilst you're waiting around in the airport, take a look around the shops or sit in the waiting lounges and read one of your favourite books or stop off at one of the many coffee shops / bars and have a drink or snack whilst you wait.

Think about your holiday / getaway - was it a wish of yours to visit "X" place? Think about the joy of getting away from daily stresses.

Additionally, if you're worried about plane noise - take along some ear plugs or some noise-cancelling headphones.

Make sure you've downloaded your favourite movies and music and just relax - you're in control and this is about enjoying the moment.

Enjoy Your Own Company

A lot of people don' enjoy being along and we understand - sometimes, travelling ins't always fun if you're alone.

This is one of the best times to enjoy your won company - if there's bad weather, long queues or long hours spent on cramped flights, it can be tough to enjoy the travelling part overall BUT change your mindset and think ahead to your holiday. Think about enjoying your time, exploring new countries and doing what makes you happy.

If you think in a negative manner, you'll find that what you envisioned suddenly turns into more of a holiday slog.

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Make the most of these situations and enjoy your company - more people need to enjoy being alone.

It doesn't matter if you're travelling with friends, family or a significant other - you also need to enjoy the travelling process for yourself. Appreciate these experiences.

This is a great way to chat to others - when arriving in the location you're travelling to, speak to locals and chat to fellow tourists.

There's lots of people to meet and who knows when a friendship might start - it could be your new travel buddy. Enjoy every part of travelling and embrace new locations.

We love reading your comments and can't wait to see what you all think of travelling and the whole process! Is it something you enjoy or would you rather skip the "travel" part of travelling?

What are your go-to movies for travelling and do you have any other tips?

Let us know!

Sprinkles of Style

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