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How to Apply Cream Blush

How to Apply Cream Blush


How to Apply Cream BlushHow to Apply Cream Blush

How to Apply Cream Blush

I’ve received a lot of emails over the past few weeks from you lovely readers asking how to use cream blush.

It’s a product that a lot of people seem to avoid using but it’s one of the easiest (and quickest) ways of achieving that gorgeous rosy glow.

SO – after a long time, I have finally made my first youtube video showing you how easy it is to use cream blush without any makeup brushes.

I know that I’m not talking but give me time and I’ll get round to the idea of talking to no-one hahaha!

How to Apply Cream Blush – No Makeup Brushes Needed

I don’t see the need to use make-up brushes when applying a cream blush, it just makes more sense to me to use my hands as the warmth will in effect ‘melt‘ make-up allowing it to blend easily on the skin.

Makeup brushes tend to drag the cream blush making it look patchy and quite uneven so I prefer and always recommend using your hands when it comes to cream blush.

So, let me know what you think!

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Layla xx

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