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H&M Candles

H&M Candles

H&M Candles


This has nothing to do with beauty or fashion however I do love my candles and interior decoration….I’m one of them people that can spend hours going from store to store and looking at home decor, getting ideas and inspiration…it’s just something I love. For me candles are special, they instantly create a mood, make people happy and just set the atmosphere…my home is filled with candles, on my desk, in the hallway, living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom…I have them everywhere so these H&M Candles are something I want to share with you! πŸ™‚

Why do I like these H&M Candles?

I love candles full-stop, they’re so cute Β to look at, the make the room cosy and they look fab dotted around the room. I love the text on these and once they burn you can just add little tea light candles in them and they’ll still look great!

Where would I place these H&M Candles?

I would have these either in the living room on a fireplace either side or I’d have them in group on the coffee table….

How much are these H&M Candles?

They’re only Β£1.99!!!!

How can you not love candles at prices like these!?

Do I have a favourite type of candle?

Yes, I LOVE yankee candles, they smell incredible and last for absolutely ages!

The one on my desk is the ‘White Gardenia’ which smells so fresh and beautiful! It’s just gorgeous!

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So, let me know if you love these H&M Candles!

What is your home filled, candles?

Let me know!

Layla xx

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