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Versace Silk Shirt – Barocco Pop Splash

Versace Silk Shirt – Barocco Pop Splash

Versace Barocco Pop Splash Silk Shirt

Versace Silk Shirt


I know, I know…Versace is a brand I’m growing to love more and more but I can’t help looking at all the beautiful designs, patterns and colours. This Versace Silk Shirt is absolutely gorgeous in my opinion and as soon as I saw it I really wanted to feature it on here!

What do I like about the Versace Silk Shirt?

I’m in love with the colours, the design and the pattern…actually, I love EVERYTHING about it!

The design looks like a leopard print mixed with a lovely pattern as you can see on the second picture on the lower back, that’s what I love about Versace, they mix designs and colours for a unique look and I do think this Silk Shirt has that edge to it which I absolutely love!

How would I wear this Versace Silk Shirt?

This has a cool/rock chic vibe to it so I would team this up with my black denim jeans or matte leather look leggings and ankle wedge boots…I think it would look stunning!!!

Another possibility could be with a dark faux leather skirt….that’s a maybe though!?

How much is this Versace Silk Shirt?

Ok…this is the bit where it’s like oh!

This shirt is priced at £720…..I know, it’s overpriced but it’s just too pretty!!!

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Can I purchase this online?

Yes I always try to link products through so by clicking VERSACE SILK SHIRT you’ll go through to the product page directly or you can click VERSACE to go to their homepage! 🙂

Beautiful readers….let me know what you think!

Do you love this design?? How would you wear this? 🙂

Layla xx

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