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Happiness Boutique – I didn’t know anything about Happiness Boutique until I started seeing the brand being featured on different blog showcasing their gorgeous range of necklaces and jewellery!

I was lucky enough to be sent this beautiful ‘Jewels of Paradise Statement Necklace‘ so here a full post showing how all the details, how it arrives, how it’s presented and of course – close ups of the detail! 🙂

Happiness Boutique – Packaging

As you can see the necklace came packaged securely in a little box, filled with wrapping paper and one thing that really stood out is that it even came with instructions on how to look after your necklace, what to avoid – and the cutest part, a happy quote! 🙂

Happiness Boutique – Necklace

As mentioned above, I received the Jewels of Paradise Statement Necklace which is truly beautiful and looks so much better in person than online!

There’s so much colour, so much vibrancy and all the little details count making this a unique piece that will instantly update your look.

Happiness Boutique – Quality

I think this is really important to mention as there’s so many brands and companies out there that provide statement necklaces and jewellery but most of them lack quality and are overpriced.

With Happiness Boutique you’re guaranteed great quality and at affordable prices – some of the necklaces are slightly higher in price compared to what you get on the high street but remember – there are limited pieces of each item!

If you scroll down you’ll be able to see the detail and close-ups of the necklace, every little detail is taken care of, the charms that connect to the gems are all secure and what’s more – the necklace isn’t hollow!

It’s actually heavier than most necklaces out there and that all comes down to the quality! 🙂

Happiness Boutique – Purchase

I’m not going to tell you to buy the same necklace, what I will tell you is to go and have a look at all the variety on the Happiness Boutique Website – if you’re like me, you’ll be browsing for a good half hour just looking at all the beautiful colours!

See Also

BUT if you do want to get the same necklace just click HERE and you’ll go to the product page! 🙂

IMG_7398 IMG_7400 happiness-boutique-review IMG_7403 IMG_7405 happiness-boutique-necklace

As always, I LOOOOOOVE reading through your comments so if you’ve bought anything from Happiness Boutique or spotted a specific necklace, let me know!

I’ll be featuring this in another outfit post – I just wanted to get this online ASAP as it’s just too pretty hahaha! 🙂


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