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Every Room Needs A Staple Piece

Every Room Needs A Staple Piece


Every Room Needs A Staple Piece

The Sprinkles of Style team is back with a brand new interior post - this time, sharing their tips on how staple pieces and furniture can work in your home. 


Hello - it's the Sprinkles of Style team and after a few days of relaxing, we're back with a brand new interior post and this time, we're sharing our tips on how staple pieces and furniture can work in your home.

We've all seen in homes that there's normally a large, staple piece which takes the limelight as soon as you walk into the room - whether it's a large piece of artwork, a statement mirror or a piece of furniture however, we tend to get used to them and they begin to blend with the other furniture which is in the room.

Below, we're sharing our tips on looking out for classic, timeless pieces which can be updated with different accessories easily to always keep your home looking fresh and updated. 




Divide & Conquer 

The living room is one of the most used rooms in the UK - along with the kitchen however, as we know in the UK we are limited to space so sometimes, it's worth looking for different accessories to create sections which can be practical. 

Keep your living room comfortable and practical with a one-piece sofa which divides the room, adding a cosy touch and also acting as a statement piece yet it's something which can be updated with new throws and pillows. The latest trend is showing that this kind of sofa is loved by families and singles alike - inviting, comfortable and of course, stylish! 

Make sure to check out different companies about delivery - most sofa companies will deliver for you including Shiply but always remember to check out customer reviews which provide great feedback when doing your research!


Stand Tall And Look Sharp

OK, so you don't always have to go for super-tall, wall-edge-to-edge furniture however when it comes to your living room or lounge room, apart from one-piece sofa's look at lovely display cabinets. 

Not only do they look super-stylish but they're also practical, allowing you to store items and display your favourite pieces. 

Think of something which is featured in the image - a lovely display piece which is stylish, practical and eye-catching. 

Every so often, change up the fresh flower colours and instead of candles in the candle lanterns, opt for fairy lights which will instantly update the decor. 

See Also

Your styles of interior decor will change according to the seasons so always keep that in mind when choosing furniture and opt for pieces with subtle tones - dark wood and white are the most popular.

If you've got an old piece of furniture such as a classic wooden display cabinet, think about updating the style to suit your home - with all the inspiration out there, there's so much which can be done to update your home and statement pieces!

Every home needs a statement piece and with all the variety out there - nothing should stop you from adding items to your home that will make you feel happy. 

Opt for items which you can easily update to keep things looking new and 'fresh' in your home - think outside the box and with a little bit of creativity you can really incorporate statement pieces to your home in the perfect way. 

The Sprinkles of Style Team!


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