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Interior – How To Update Your Kitchen (Inspiration)

Interior – How To Update Your Kitchen (Inspiration)


Interior - How To Update Your Kitchen (Inspiration)

Here is an interior decor inspiration post on how to update your kitchen - without spending a fortune!

We don't always have big budgets to spend when it comes to re-decorating the home but that doesn't mean that there aren't other options or ideas.

In this post, we've shared some easy ways in which to update the kitchen - without a big budget.

You can change key aspects in the room and by shopping around for the best finds - you'll be able to transform the room into something beautiful without spending a fortune.


Interior - How To Update Your Kitchen (Inspiration) - Doors

This is something that a lot of people don't think about when it comes to the kitchen and more often than not - people just change the door handles.

If the actual structure of your kitchen cupboards is fine - then why not change the kitchen doors?

It's one of the easiest ways to update your kitchen without spending a fortune and by shopping around you can save money.

Take a look at the picture on the left, the handles have also been changed to give the kitchen a glam-vibe so with the money you save, change the door handles on your new kitchen unit doors and your kitchen will no longer be recognisable!

Interior - How To Update Your Kitchen (Inspiration) - Worktops

Another easy way to update your kitchen is by changing the worktop(s) and even though it might sound costly - it's all about shopping around and finding the right things for you and your budget.

As mentioned above, if the actual structure of your kitchen is still in good condition then by changing things such as the worktops, the doors and the sink will transform the room without a complete overhaul /makeover.

Browse online first - this will give you an idea of what you can find within your budget and more often than not, companies can send out samples of colours and styles so you can check out the quality of the material too.


Interior - How To Update Your Kitchen (Inspiration) - Rugs & Accessories

Rugs - perfect all year round!

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Not only do they keep the room warm and cosy during winter evenings but they're super versatile and if you've gone with a neutral colour-theme, these can add a splash of colour to the room too.

We love small rugs that are machine-washable as you can keep them looking fresh and clean them as often as needed.

Accessories are also a wonderful way to update your kitchen whether it's a small vase of flowers near a window or a quirky jar-collection for your herbs and spices.

It's a known fact that accessories are what make a room unique to you and by placing things in the correct places - you can transform a room to look like a beautiful showroom.

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