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How To Combat January Blues With A Comfy, Cosy Home

How To Combat January Blues With A Comfy, Cosy Home


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How To Combat January Blues With A Comfy, Cosy Home

The Sprinkles of Style team is back with a new post - sharing their tips on how to combat January blues by creating the perfect environment for a comfy and super-cosy home. 


Hello to everyone - it's the Sprinkles of Style team and we're back with a new post, all about how to combat those pesky January blues!

With Christmas and the New Year now over, a lot of people don't know what to look forward to however, by keeping yourself busy, starting a new diet and changing decor and items in your home will allow you to focus on something positive - helping you to get through the January blues! 

If you think about it, January is a wonderful month - this is when you can make the changes in your home and of course - in yourself! 

Take the time to create a beautiful, cosy home which will allow you to enjoy these winter months even more - by creating a beautiful home, you'll create an environment you'll want to be in which in turn makes you happier and this is what we want - to spread the happiness and positive energy. 

Below, you can see some of our simple tips on how to create a beautiful atmosphere in your home to help you get through the January Blues! 


Focus On The Bed 

We all know that one of the comfiest and cosiest places to be during the winter months is - your bed!

When it's freezing cold outside, after a long day at work all you want to do is come home and have a hot bubble bath followed by relaxing in your super-snuggly, comforting bed and this all essentially comes down to a good quality bed and mattress. 

It's always worth looking around different places whether that's in-store or online however, if you're looking for a new bed, it might be worth checking out brands such as Hypnos Beds at The Bed Shop which offers both style and comfort. 

By investing in a comfortable bed and mattress, it can really do wonders for you!

You'll wake up every morning feeling fresh, rejuvenated and ready to face the day.  

Make Your Sofa (And Living Room) Extra Comfy

Another comfy spot in your home, especially during the winter, is your sofa and of course - your living room. 

Here you can host movie or gaming nights with friends and spend time with your family watching TV in the evening. 

If you're anything like Layla, make sure you buy some super soft throws which not only look great for decor but will keep you feeling snuggly all evening when relaxing after a long day.

Think about adding some plump pillows to your couch and also look at buying a fluffy rug for your floor - cosy to the maximum we'd say!  


Luxury Bathroom

Is there anything nicer than coming home after a long day and getting into a hot bubble bath?

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Another way to ensure your home feels super cosy and to help you get through the January Blues is by adding some luxury touches to your bathroom. 

Think of beautiful vases and faux peonies which will look wonderful all-year-round along with scented candles to add an ambient feel to the room. 

Again, if you're anything like Layla - think about investing in some luxury pamper products such as bath bombs, oils and salts which will help to soothe muscles, allow you to unwind and relax and also give you that at-home spa feel. 

Don't forget buying a new bath mat and  super-soft fluffy towels to complete your at-home-spa vibe! 

So, we hope that this post will help you to get through the January Blues!

Keep yourself busy and focus on making little changes around your home - this will help you to create a beautiful, calming atmosphere which will make you feel so much better! 

The Sprinkles of Style team!


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