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Travelling and want to watch Sky TV? Here’s how…

Travelling and want to watch Sky TV? Here’s how…


Travelling and want to watch Sky TV? Here's how.... 

Layla's always on the move but that doesn't mean she can't keep up with her favourite TV shows and programs - in this post, she's sharing one of the easiest ways to make sure you never miss your favourite TV shows when travelling. 


Hey everyone - it's Layla! I hope you're all well, having a lovely week and a wonderful start to the New Year!

As you might have seen on my social media channels, especially Instagram (@layladbeauty), I've been travelling to and from the UK - attending some wonderful events and working on some collaborations which I'll be featuring on here soon. 

One of the things which I need to have with me at all times especially when travelling is my Sky TV programmes. 

After a long day, there's nothing better than having a bubble bath and relaxing in your hotel room or apartment suite, watching your favourite programmes.  

 Below, you'll be able to see all the details on how you can watch your favourite shows when travelling.

Never miss your favourite programme again!

Watching Sky TV Abroad - The Options


Sky TV Viewing Card

This is a great option for someone who spends more than a few weeks out of the UK and already has a digibox. 

With a Sky TV Viewing card, you can watch your favourite TV shows just like you would at home.

Here are the 3 different Sky Cards to choose from. 

Hosted Sky Cards - This is an all-inclusive package which is perfect for customers who live outside of the UK or  Ireland. 

Own-Address Sky Cards - This is the perfect solution for someone who's based in the UK, you choose the package you want and the channels you want to watch, the best part? There's no contract.

Irish Sky Cards - Ideal for those who want to watch Sky TV but with the additional Irish Channels such as RTE, BBC Northern Ireland and Ulster TV. 

Sky Digibox

If you don't own a Sky Digibox and spend more than a few weeks outside of the UK - this is the option for you! 

Skycards EU offer a variety of the latest Sky HD receivers and just like you would at home, you select the package you want, all depending on the programmes you want to watch when you're out of the UK. 

There's different options to choose from and you can work around your budget however, take a look at the options which I've listed below as they're the best deals and on offer too!

Instead of installing a satellite dish, check out this Sky Digibox which has WIFI enabled - allowing you to connect through the internet with no hassle at all.

For £10 more, it's also worth checking out this Sky Digibox and Viewing Card   with the Sky Viewing Card included as part of a special deal. 

Watching Sky Tv Abroad - Sky Go 


Sky Go

This is the option which I've chosen.

As a fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel blogger - I'm always on the go. Whether that's travelling abroad, attending events or rushing from meeting to meeting, I love that I can keep up with my favourite TV shows - no matter where I am.

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Sky Go is something which suits me and my lifestyle the best as I can use the app on my iPad (pictured) and also on my iPhone - never missing a show or update when it's to do with Formula1

Who else still loves Friends? It's one of my favourite shows and you can even get ComedyCentral on the go too! 

Sky Go and Sky Sports Formula 1 

For those of you who know me, you'll know that I also handle a Formula 1 website and with Sky Go - I can keep up with every race weekend, live as it happens. 

For £19.99 a month - you get over 40 UK live channels as well as BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and 5 (through their respective iPlayers) and there's also plenty of movies, box sets and catch-up shows too!

Click Sky Go to see the deal. 


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So, whether you're in the UK or abroad, never miss your favourite TV show again!

I'd love to know what you all think of this, especially those of you who love to travel!

Would this be something which you'd consider purchasing for your travels and if so - what are the programmes you need to keep up with?

Looking forward to reading all your comments! 🙂


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