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Boxwave Glamour & Glitz Case

Boxwave Glamour & Glitz Case


Boxwave Glamour & Glitz CaseBoxwave Glamour & Glitz CaseBoxwave Glamour & Glitz CaseBoxwave Glamour & Glitz CaseBoxwave Glamour & Glitz CaseBoxwave Glamour & Glitz Case

Boxwave Glamour & Glitz Case *

As I’ve mentioned in so many posts before, I really am grateful for all the opportunities I receive through my blog and for all the wonderful brands I get to work with.

I was kindly sent a lovely case for my phone by Boxwave – it’s such a cute case, really colourful and ever so girly.

It’s call Glamour & Glitz Case from Boxwave.

Boxwave Glamour & Glitz Case – Packaging

The packaging is actually really lovely, you can see the case through the clear front and on the bottom right hand corner you can just see the Boxwave logo.

It’s very crisp and clean cut so this would actually make a really lovely present for someone.

On the bottom of the back you get the name, colour details and what phone it’s for.

Boxwave Glamour & Glitz Case – Colour

How beautiful is the colour of this case?

I love sparkly things in generally and this really does live up to it’s ‘Glamour & Glitz’ name.

This case is called ‘Princess Pink‘ and it’s almost a pastel pink – almost!

In the sun it catches the light beautifully however it’s not at all tacky like some ‘bling’ cases you can find on the market, it’s really lovely and has a chic feel to it.

Boxwave Glamour & Glitz Case – Texture

I know it’s odd to talk about the texture of a case but it’s something I have to mention as it’s a sparkle case.

It’s NOT smooth, you can feel the sparkle/glitter on the case – I personally think it would have been a lot better to have a clear coating over the case, not only would this protect it but it would feel smooth, you could clean it if needed and it would be really long-lasting too!

That’s the ONLY downside to this case!

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Boxwave Glamour & Glitz Case – Purchase

You can purchase this case by clicking HERE where you’ll go straight the product page on Boxwave.

Price$24.95 – Regular Price $34.95 so you have a saving!!

There’s a variety of colours online too from blue, green, bright pink, pastel pink and red…all look beautiful – I actually think the red will be lovely for Christmas or as a Christmas gift….. 🙂

Let me know what you think of this phone case!

Do you love the colour and style?

Layla xx

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