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Body Shop Heart Lollipop Lip Butters

Body Shop Heart Lollipop Lip Butters

Body Shop Lollipop Lip Butters


Body Shop Heart Lollipop Lip Butters – Β£15.00

Oh my Gosh…..It takes a lot for me to get really excited about beauty products but as soon as I heard about Lollipop Lip Butters I wanted to find out more.

Body Shop Heart Lollipop Lip Butters

You’re probably sat there thinking…lollipop lip butters… what are they?

The picture pretty much shows you however I think it’s really unique and quite adorable.

The Body Shop have packaged 5 lip butters in a heart shaped lollipop, it’s different to anything else I’ve seen and who doesn’t love lip butters!?


Unfortunately I don’t know the exact date of when this will be launched however Β I have been told that it’s due to be in stores at the end of January!

I will be looking out for it in The Body Shop and will be getting it as soon as I see it!

A gift to me….from me!!! πŸ˜€

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So, let me know what you think of this adorable item!

I’m really looking forward to seeing this in person and think it’ll be a hit as it’s just so different and cool πŸ™‚

Layla xx


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