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Beauty: Different Types Of Face Oils (And The Benefits)

Beauty: Different Types Of Face Oils (And The Benefits)


Beauty: Different Types of Face Oils (And The Benefits)

Written By: Layla - Instagram @layladbeauty

In this post, we're discussing different types of face oils and their benefits to make sure your skin looks great all year round.

Did you know? There's even an oil which can actually help your hair, brows and lashes grow? Keep reading to find out which one... 🙂

Beauty: Different Types of Face Oils (And The Benefits)

Over the past few years, the beauty industry has changed - a lot!

Gone are the days when it would be a simple routine of cleanse, tone and moisturise - nowadays, skincare routines are something like this: cleanse, exfoliate, face mask, tone, face oil, serum and moisturiser.

Kidding, it's not that bad however skincare routines have evolved and so has our knowledge of beauty.

For many of us, the skincare routine consists of cleanse, tone and moisturise as the staple / go-to routine with the addition of an exfoliating product once a week, a face mask to pamper and for me personally, a face oil every evening.

I'm a beauty-lover (I worked as a make-up artist before blogging) however I can easily understand how overwhelming it must be for people who are just getting involved with skincare. There's so many products out there on the market and it can be difficult when choosing the right type of product to suit your skin.

In this post, I'm discussing face oils and the key ones you should be using along with how (and when) to incorporate them into your beauty routine.


Face Oils And The Benefits

Apricot Kernel Oil

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Where It Comes From & Properties

Apricot Kernel Oil is actually extracted from the seed of an apricot.

Known for:




Antioxidant Properties

Overall, a great oil with many benefits.

Benefits For The Skin & How To Use

Apricot Kernel Oil is an oil which can be used by all skin types to it's wonderful properties however it's also good for people with sensitive skin as it's a non-irritating and soothing oil.

Apply in the evening on cleansed and toned skin - to start off with, I'd recommend using this instead of your moisturiser.

If you suffer with dry skin, apply moisturiser to 'lock in' the ingredients.

How Else To Use?

A good quality face oil can be used for a variety of things - not only on the skin and with Apricot Kernel Oil, it can benefit the following.


Helps to reduce dry scalp problems and helps to give your hair health.

Under Eye Area

Many face oils are not used on the under-eye area as they can be a bit too heavy however apricot oil can be used.

Face Oils And The Benefits

Coconut Oil

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Where It Comes From & Properties

Coconut Oil comes from the copra which is the dried 'meat' of the coconut. Sometimes it's also known as copra oil.

Known for:

Antioxidant Properties




Great for dry, dehydrated skin.

Benefits For The Skin & How To Use

Coconut oil has taken the world by storm - and for good reasons! It can be used to benefit your skin, hair and body and is known for it's ultra-hydartion properties.

Wonderful for dry skin - it helps to provide and lock in moisture leaving skin feeling very smooth and can also be used to help with eczema, psoriasis.

Did you know? It even help with acne as it kills Propionibacterium Acnes - a factor of acne. Dot onto blemishes.

How Else To Use?

Coconut oil is a great thing to have in the cupboard as it can be used for a number of things.

Use it after shaving to prevent skin from drying out.

Can be applied onto nails and massaged onto the cuticles to help strengthen and nourish.

Take coconut oil with you on holiday - it can help calm the itch of a mosquito bite!

Hair - of course, coconut oil can also be used on to strengthen hair, reduce protein loss and reduce breakage too.

Face Oils And The Benefits

Castor Oil

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Where It Comes From & Properties

Castor Oil is a vegetable oil which comes from pressing the seeds of the castor oil plant which is called Ricinus Communis.

One thing to know about Castor Oil is that in it's pure form - it isn't a drying oil with a low reactivity to air.

It's thicker than your 'normal' oil and tends to sit on the skin making it great product to have in your beauty cabinet.

It can be used for a number of different things which we'll be going through in this section.


Benefits For The Skin & How To Use

Ok, so as mentioned - it's an oil that's a lot thicker than others and sits on the skin and strangely, it's good for both dry/chapped skin and also acne-prone skin!

With dry skin, in the evening after cleansing, toning and moisturising - apply Castor Oil on dry skin / patches and chapped skin too. This will lock-in the ingredients and continue to nourish skin.

See Also

For acne prone skin - apply castor oil right onto the blemish of affected areas to help treat and reduce acne. To really help, combine with tea tree oil as the two work great together.

How Else To Use?

Castor Oil has anti-inflammatory properties making this a great addition in the beauty cabinet.

You can warm up the oil slightly and add a few drops of either peppermint oil or lavender oil to the mix and use it as a massage oil to help relive muscle soreness and joint problems.

The same oil (warmed up slightly) can also be used on hands and nails to hydrate, soften and nourish skin.

Try this - add olive oil, apricot kernel oil and Vitamin A to warmed up castor oil and apply onto your hair as a mask and to promote hair growth.

Face Oils And The Benefits

Tea Tree Oil

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Where It Comes From & Properties

Tea Tree Oil is also known as Melaleuca Oil and should never be taken internally.

Known for:





Benefit For The Skin & How To Use

Tea Tree oil has many healing and soothing properties so can benefit a number of issues.

For Acne - You can either try the advice mentioned above with Castor Oil (scroll up to see) or use tea tree oil with witch hazel.

On a damp cotton pad, add 2-3 drops of tea tree oil and around 3 drops of witch hazel. After cleansing your skin, gently wipe onto face - do this daily.

How Else To Use?

Known for it's antibiotic properties, it's great to use for a variety of things.

Back Acne or boils - add 3-4 drops of tea tree oil onto a damp towel and wipe over affected areas.

Suffering with dry cuticles and skin? Mix tea tree oil with olive oil and either avocado or jojoba oil and massage onto area.

Foot Odor? Add tea tree oil, lavender oil, epsom or bath salts and a touch of baking soda into a foot spa.

I've missed writing up beauty posts like this so let me know what you think! 🙂

Would you like to see more features like this on here and if so - what do you need advice on? Feel free to comment and let me know below!

I love reading all your comments and have around 600 to get through so be patient - I will reply!

Hope you're having a fab weekend!

x x

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