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Autumn Nail Trends and Cute Manicure Ideas!

Autumn Nail Trends and Cute Manicure Ideas!

It seems like a lot of people are already getting ready for Autumn and as we all love our nail art and designs, take a look at these Autumn Nail Trends and cute manicure ideas…

If you’ve been following Sprinkles of Style, you’ll all know that I LOVE my nail polish – changing the colour I wear every few days so of course, posts like this always take my interest!

Lets take a look and see what nail trends you need to look out for….

Holographic Nails – Autumn Nail Trends and Cute Manicure Ideas!


Okay, so holographic nails are going nowhere anytime soon! As you can see, they’re here to stay and don’t they just look fab!?

With holographic nails, even though they make a statement, they match every outfit and every colour you’re wearing.

Out of all the nail trends, these are probably one of the most versatile along with one other….

Glitter Nails – Autumn Nail Trends and Cute Manicure Ideas!


YES! Just like holographic nails, even though they’re like “Hey, look at me – I’m here!” they’re very versatile.

Versatile in the sense the both holographic and glitter tones pick up every colour, meaning that you can wear any outfit and any colour.

Logomania Nails – Autumn Nail Trends and Cute Manicure Ideas!


Now we’re moving onto the more statement trends and this includes LOGOMANIA!

Logomania is something which has really picked up – starting off as a trend which was normally found on t-shirts, it quickly spread to handbags, shoes, phone cases and accessories.

For Autumn, this will be a huge trend – if you want to stay ahead of the fashion game, get these done now! 🙂

Clashing Print – Autumn Nail Trends and Cute Manicure Ideas


Weirdly, out of all the nail trends, this is my favourite! I just love the colours and designs and whilst it shouldn’t work – it does.

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Have a play around with different colours and for Autumn, opt for warmer tones like in the picture.

Don’t use bright summery tones – think of khaki, deep blue, orange / terracota and berry tones. Add a splash of white for contrast as seen above.

There we have a selection of some of the Autumn Nail Trends to look out for along with some cute manicure ideas!

I’d love to know which is your favourite and if there’s certain colours you can’t wait to wear this Autumn….

Let me know!

Layla x

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