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Autumn Nail Trends: 2020

Autumn Nail Trends: 2020


Even though things may be doom and gloom in the world, here on Sprinkles of Style, we’re always looking to bring you trends from around the world and in this post, we’re writing about Autumn Nail Trends – the 2020 edition!

Normally, colours would be much more muted and rich however, it’s 2020 so this year, there’s a twist with our nail designs and we’re seeing much more colour and fun.

From marbled plum colours to glitter stripe designs, we’ve got things covered!

Terracotta & Copper Nails – Autumn Nail Trends 2020


As you can see, there’s a fun side to the nail trends we’re seeing in 2020 and here, we’ve got a terracotta base colour and gold shimmer polish giving this a fresh look.

Great if you don’t want to wear bold colours yet still want your nails to look classy and on-trend.

You can get creative with this type of design, change the colours to suit you – try contrasting colours for example and have fun.

Pink / Berry Ombre – Autumn Nail Trends 2020


Again, the colours we’re seeing are fun, vibrant and colourful. We’re not seeing as many muted or dull tones and it really does seem like people want to add more colour and fun into their styles which is great to see.

Autumn / Winter doesn’t mean grey and black tones only – it’s good to add a pop of colour and ombre is a great way to start.

For example, if you don’t want to steer away from darker colours, choose a dark purple, neutral purple and lilac shade to create a beautiful ombre design.

You’ll be wearing colour but not too much AND you’ll be right on-trend!

Glitter Stripe – Autumn Nail Trends 2020


One of my favourite designs! This is fun without being over the top or too bold. I love the stripe glitter as this just adds that touch of sparkle which is needed.

The colours are much more neutral in this design than we’ve been seeing but you still have a fun, eye-catching element but it’s a classy, timeless design which looks great for everyday and the office.

Who says you can’t have fun with neutral nail colours? All you need is that stripe of glitter to bring the look together.

Just like the other designs we’ve seen, you can experiment and change the colouring to suit you, your wardrobe and mood.

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Berry Marble – Autumn Nail Trends 2020


This is another beautiful design which really adds a twist to the usual trends we’re used to seeing.

Marbling has been popular for many years but each season, we’re getting more creative with the designs and this is a lovely colour combination!

Rich berry notes with neutral base makes for a lovely look – a clean look which is fresh and timeless.

Just like the design above, this is something that looks great for everyday and in the office too.

Again, you can definitely have fun and experiment with different colours but the pairing of berry and neutral shades is beautiful for this time of year.

Layla x

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