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ASOS Collaborates With Chloe Ball-Hopkins – The Paralympian Who’s Changing Fashion

ASOS Collaborates With Chloe Ball-Hopkins – The Paralympian Who’s Changing Fashion


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ASOS Collaborates With Chloe Ball-Hopkins - The Paralympian Who's Changing Fashion

Written By: The Sprinkles of Style Team

Location: London, United Kingdom

Chloe Ball Hopkins is changing the way brands look at disabilities, now with a new collaboration between herself and ASOS who created a wheelchair-friendly waterproof all-in-one jumpsuit with everyone on social media going crazy for it!

See all the details below.

Chloe Ball-Hopkins is a Great Britain Paralympian who's changing the way brands look at fashion for people with disabilities.

After getting in touch with ASOS a few months ago, the team listened and a collaboration started taking place between Chloe Ball-Hopkins and the go-to fashion brand, designing a wheelchair-friendly waterproof-all-in-one jumpsuit in a gorgeous pastel-print, tie-dye design.

"It's not just any jumpsuit, we've adapted this to be wheelchair-friendly too. The jacket and trousers zip together and are full waterproof. The hem is also a little longer at the back to stop it from riding up when you're getting from A to B" - this is the description on ASOS and the item can be found on the ASOS design category.

Chloe Ball-Hopkins spoke to the BBC saying: "To see the final product, I can't believe that we actually worked in conjunction so much. I thought that maybe they would take it and run with it. You get the same version whether it's you or I buying it - that's the point. It's the same for me as it is for you."

Since the collaboration was announced, the social media world has taken this by storm - with hundreds of Retweets, people want to see more collaborations like this online and it's definitely a step in the right direction.

There's so much support out there with many social media users now urging other brands to get on board and develop ranges / campaigns similar to this.

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What do you all think of this collaboration? Do you want to see more brands creating ranges like this?

We love reading all your comments so let us know what you think below! 🙂

The Sprinkles of Style Team

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